Authentic Tantric Rituals:

Tantric embrace is where both hearts touch (heart chakra connection) and is very powerful to experience after eye gazing.

We can start with a tantric embrace whilst you are clothed to gain a greater connection, and then followed by ritual undressing and ritual bathing.

Ritual undressing and ritual bathing – are both very popular, and create greater connection.



The bathing is literally, a massage with soap and water where both client and tantrika are facing each other, this is also best experienced when both parties are naked.

The bathroom is decorated with candles, rose petals, cleansing and purifying oils, bubble bath, oils and tantric sensual music.

These rituals are very calming and liberating as well as arousing and sensual as a prelude to your massage.

Tantric Health Benefits:



A one-to-one treatment, the aim is to build arousal energy. The stronger the energy and the higher the vibration level of the body, this is when our organs get cleansed and balanced, creating a whole body healing.

All the pleasure chemicals and endorphines released are those that cure physical aches and pains within the body, the best self healing known to mankind.

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