Tantra and Kundalini Energy – great video!

Tantra and Kundalini Energy Great video!

A Beautiful Video explaining what Kundalini energy is and how it is related to tantric practices… Enjoy!

Click here to watch video if you are unable to click the play button: https://youtu.be/LZb–kA6IzI

Please Note: I am not the author of this video

During my sessions with clients I work with your seven major chakra energy points to awaken your kundalini energy. Everyone has kundalini within them, every man, woman and child and everyone can achieve a kundalini rising and achieve what is described within this video.

It is my highest intention for your session to awaken your kundalini energy within you, so that you achieve greater wellbeing and heightened states of consciousness.  Once Kundalini is awakened within you, it is magical and you achieve more with ease.

My massage and rituals are all geared to awaken your kundalini energy. My massage is an energetic massage, and I will NOT be pummelling your muscles as an ITEC massage.

ITEC massage technique does not AWAKEN this energy.

I am working with your energy body (chakras), not your physical body (muscles)

Special techniques achieve this kundalini to awaken, I have been specifically working with Kundalini energy since 2005 when my kundalini energy awakened. It is my delight to support and facilitate all my clients to achieve this amazing experience that literally changes your life!



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