Mantra Video:Om Namo Bhagavate~Deva Premal

Healing Mantra Video: Om Namo Bhagavate

Another Beautiful Healing Mantra

Sung By Deva Premal]

This chant can also be done as a Nyasa, where you infuse parts of the body with each syllable…

1. Placing the first syllable in the base of the right thumb

2. Next in the tip of the right pointer finger, along in the tip of each

3. Next finger until the base of the left thumb

4. Finally the palm of the left hand and the palm of the right hand

It is done as a mantra of purification of the hands before puja (ritual) so that any action done with the hands during the ritual is done for the highest good of all beings.

The mantra can also be sung and is one of my favorite mantra to sing, invoking that sense of purification…

I have learned that the reasons to chant a mantra silently, whispering, or aloud are for affecting the internal self, the circumstances near the self, or the world outside of yourself respectively.

Please Note: I am not the author of this video

I play this healing music during your session to create the right vibration for healing during sessions within the rooms. I play healing mantras for one hour before you arrive, creating a powerful healing and therapeutic environment for your session.

One of my regular international clients had downloaded this mantra onto his ipod and has expressed his enthusiasm for how much more relaxed he feels once listening to this mantra or indeed chanting along. If you chant/sing along to this mantra, you will feel different as it changes your vibration and balances your energy body.




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