Is Tantra Prostitution?

Is Tantra Really Another Word For Prostitution?    




Does Genuine Tantra Include Sex Acts?

Does Genuine Tantra Include “Oral” Blow Jobs, Kissing?

Does A Genuine Tantric Practitioner Have Sex With You?


Viewpoint from an authentic Tantrika, Tanya Eden 

WOW…just to write the title was a big thing! Took a lot of courage for me to write it, never mind talk about it in this article…

This is a topic that I have felt compelled to write about for a number of months now, as I regularly check my website stats and some of the searches that people make are quite would be surprised at what people search for that find my website. And this question is one of the hottest search terms that I keep getting…so you clearly want to know if “Tantra is Prostitution”.

Well, I have some interesting things to tell you…brace yourselves gentlemen – “No it isn’t”!  Phew, got that one out of the way, now for how you might even be prompted to ask that question…

Escorts and Prostitutes Veil Sex Services As Genuine Tantra!

Well, it is no surprise really, as the sex industry is moving with the times and escorts, prostitutes and sex workers are not so “sexy” to the wider target market – with all the health risks associated with the sex industry, it does not have that mass appeal as it used to have.  So like any industry that moves with the times, sex workers have found that if they put the word, “Tantra” to describe their services, they can then offer massage without sex and still fleece you for £150 to £200 an hour – that is what I call good business!!!

They put up websites that sound like they are a bit spiritual, and use tantric wording and hey presto – they reach a market of people who would not be seen dead going to see a sex worker/escort and somehow they find it all very ok to see a “tantric professional.”

How do you spot the genuine tantric provider from the sex workers/Prostitutes?

How do you spot the genuine ones from the escorts, prostitutes and sex workers? Well gentlemen, this is really easy when you are genuine, I do find it quite funny when I check out other sites and see how these ladies get round it all. You have to give them credit for their marketing and tenacity to get their clients.

If you see that they are advertising “Oral,” “Blow Jobs” and other sexual acts – this is pretty blatent – I am sure you will agree gentlemen. These ladies are NOT genuine tantric professionals at all.

I have seen a more cleverly disguised tactic that took me a while to work out what they were doing as I was so incredulous at the activity. So gentlemen…here goes…

Many of these sex workers are offering to gentlemen, “Yoni Massage” at an extra £40. Forgive me for sounding a tad bewildered…I did wonder, how can they be offering “Yoni Massage” when a practitioner performs this on a female, which is specific in its technique and healing. So, I kept thinking, what are these ladies offering…hmmmm I kept pondering, how is it possible for them to offer this to a man, surely that is a lingam massage? Yes?

Ahhh then I start to smile and realise what they mean by this…they mean – “You can finger their genitals for £40 extra! come on gentlemen, do you really honestly think that this is tantra? When did you learn how to do a “yoni massage”?

“How can you perform a yoni massage, if you have not been trained to do so?”

Ohh you didn’t learn, so I am sure you get my point!

I have also found other search terms appearing on my website stats that made me smile, “What is the tantric word for blow job” – I really do not think that clients would use that search term, do you? This is a service provider, looking at ways that they can dress up their sexual service. Well the answer is, there is NO tantric word for blow job – as it is not done in genuine tantra!

I also see a lot of websites and adverts offering lots of mutual touching and reverse massage, that is when the “tantric provider” is offering you the opportunity to massage them…hmmm I ask myself, what are they going to offer next?

Well, I can assure you that a genuine tantric provider will NOT be offering reverse massage and lots of mutual touching as all that misses the point of genuine tantra!

Genuine tantric massage is totally about the client receiving and surrendering into the experience, it is in that place and space that something amazing happens to them. Prolonged orgasm following your session, is one of the results of a genuine tantric experience. Any type of sexual dysfunction can be cleared, such as floppy penis, or pre-mature ejaculation challenges.

When a client is occupied with what they are doing with the service provider, they are coming from the space of their “mind” not from the senses and will then lose 90% of what is possible to experience within a genuine tantric experience.

Genuine tantra is “mind blowing” – and your body will experience pleasure in a new way that is totally unrelated to your normal sexual activities.

When you let go of what you feel you need to do to the other person to get an experience, something very profound happens, it is possible to achieve, what is known as a “full body orgasm” with a genuine tantric provider. This is where your whole body becomes alive and vibrates and leaves you quite euphoric. I had one client literally laughing during his session, he felt so good! And many of my clients feel their bodies and experience themselves in a totally new way that is more connected to themselves, rather than from their mind.

The breathing practice is vital in a genuine tantric experience, without the breathing rituals, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY YOU CAN CONNECT TO YOUR BODY. The breathing rituals move you from your mind into your sensory and into another space of being and into a place of surrender and receiving unconditionally. In that space you WILL experience things that you would not have ever dreamed of in your wildest imagination.

Genuine tantic massage and rituals WILL change your life and change how you feel about yourself and how you respond, as you cannot take away the experience, once you have experienced it. So you have something new to process.

Genuine tantra is most certainly not prostitution at all…far from it!

What is massively promoted at tantra is really sex workers jumping on the bandwagon and making a fast pile of cash from gullible gentlemen.

A genuine tantrik provider will be far more overt in their spiritual style and will move you out of your mind and performance and into your body and your experience.

A genuine tantrika will not be promoting mutual massage, reverse massage or allowing you to touch their intimate areas – gentlemen, sorry, it is NOT what genuine tantra is all about.

A genuine tantrika will NOT be promoting that they will “dress up” for you in fetish outfits for you to get your kicks – gentlemen, that is not what tantra is really all about. That is what an escort and sex worker will do for you.

A genuine tantrika will NOT be promoting “O levels”  (Oral – this took me  a while to work out what it meant. Some very helpful escort websites helped me with that one!)

Or “A levels”  (Anal sex) – gosh! All under the name of tantra, unbelievable! Again I found this term very widely used on escort websites.

If providers are promoting their reviews on punterlink – this is a very known escort website who review escorts on appeal, site, and performance. Genuine tantrikas will not be profiled on punterlink, as they are not offering a sexual service.

So, after a long drawn out debate, I conclude that “genuine tantra” is not prostitution – and at the same time some sex workers are trading under the banner of tantra to veil their sexual paid for services.

When you visit a real tantric practitioner, you will find that you will enter a totally different space within yourself and it will calm your mind and that negative chatter to nothing, your mind will become still and quiet and your normal physical aches and pains will simply disappear. You will feel lighter, happier, more relaxed and you will sleep more deeply than normal for days or even weeks after your session.

When you book longer sessions, sexual dysfunction, such as floppy penis and pre-mature ejaculation will be a problem of your past. I have had 100% successful results when clients book a three hour session with these problems. They are eradicated!

Sexual intimacy challenges for both men and women are often “healed” at more fundamental level. And greater sexual connection with your partner is a pleasant outcome for clients who have become distant from their partner over time. You will be able to achieve prolonged orgasm and will most certainly experience a deeper and more loving connection with your partner and all your relationships both personal and business.

If you want to find out more about a genuine tantric experience, call me and I will answer all your questions and some you may not have even thought of. Or drop me an email and I will send you more information.



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