Customer Testimonials

Mr B

This testimonial was emailed, following Mr B’s Face to Face Consultation For Libido Problems with Tanya Eden

“I have looking for an authentic tantric experience for a while and came across Tanya. After weeks of research I finally decided to give her a try and called her. She was very patient in answering all my questions and further to our telephone conversation we agreed on a time for our face to face consultation.


I cannot find words to describe the fantastic detailed information provided by Tanya prior to our face to face consultation. The consultation itself was a completely different experience and I was really surprised and impressed by the details of the root causations that Tanya described just by looking at my symptoms.


By the time my face to face consultation was finished it felt like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders and it was all in my mind. I left feeling different and better and have noticed a big difference in the way I perceive things in my every day life. I would definitely recommend Tanya. I am looking forward to my next session with Tanya.” Mr B


Jason, Doctoral Researcher

This testimonial was emailed, following Jason’s First Session with Tanya Eden

“I’ve been looking for an authentic tantric experience and delighted that I had the good fortune of meeting Tanya.


Tanya intuitively understands the power of harnessing the power of balancing chakras to restore a vibrant sense of emotional well-being and fluidity.


From the very beginning of the session, Tanya provides a welcoming space that is based on trust and open communication. As the conversation flows, you will come to better understand the fundamentals of energy, breathing and gazing – all essential to building the momentum for the rituals that are to follow.


This is as much a journey of self discovery as it is a journey of healing, propelling you to connect with creative energy. The highly recommended bathing ritual is a wonderful experience that gradually places you in a more relaxed, receptive state. The massage that follows is an experience that draws on Tanya’s expertise in the realm of sensual tantric practices.


You can sense her amazing presence as she skillfully directs the energy all around you. Here, the focus is entirely on you and if you allow yourself to “just go with it” – you will feel wonderful sensations ripple through your body almost as if you are swirling in the heavens.


You will emerge from the session with a clearer focus, inner calm, a sharper creative imagination and an ability to manifest your dreams through a renewed spiritual presence. More importantly, you will feel a deeper connection with the universe: a true sense of onenesss.” Jason, Doctoral Researcher



This testimonial was emailed, following Dave’s First Session with Tanya Eden

“WOW where do I start. I guess the first thing to say is treat this lady with the respect she deserves, she is very special and this service is a truly authentic tantric experience so if you are looking for a life changing experience you’re in the right place but if you just looking for a massage with HR than move on and don’t waste this lady’s time.


I have suffered with PE for years and lived with it, but more importantly recently I was feeling the strains of stress and many over deep rooted feelings, when I found Tanya website I just new this was an adventure I wanted to enter with a very open mind.


I decided to call Tanya to book a 1.5 HR session, which suited my budget from both available time and investment (if you can afford more than I strongly recommend you go for longer sessions), well the call to make the booking latest over an hour itself, this was more of a consultation where even over the phone Tanya manages to break down barriers, build a connection of trust and make you feel relaxed.


So the day came for 1.5 session, it felt like meeting an old friend, she spends time talking with you making you feel relaxed, setting expectation and explaining the rituals all this before the physical session starts so when she says allow an extra 45 mins to an HR on top of your booked time she means it.


Then the session itself not sure how to explain this, the connection created was beyond explanation the most in depth spiritual experience I have ever felt. The undressing ceremony may sound very sexual but it is far from it. The process is intense as you give permission at each step for her to proceed it’s like she is removing each final barrier as you offer yourself fully into her trust.


The massage itself is the best I have ever experienced taking me to a completely different place.


Expectations set no guarantee that you will ejaculate, I’m thinking with my PE there is no way once she starts the lingham massage I won’t within he first couple of minutes. Well he whole session took me to another place the intensity greater than ever experienced and all I’m saying I latest a lot longer than expected.


With only a 90 min booking there was no guarantees however 3 days later I’ve never slept better, felt so at peace, relaxed and energised at the same time and has for the PE not saying a magic wand has been waved but we shall see.


I can’t thank Tanya enough for giving so freely such a wonderful and beautiful person.”  Dave


T – City worker

This testimonial was emailed, following Mr T’s First Session with Tanya Eden


“Dear reader, perhaps I am like you: reserved in my feelings, somewhat shy, controlling at work and play, internalising and self-controlled – possibly to an unhelpful degree. If so, then I hope that this will help you to decide whether Tanja’s rituals are as right for you as they were for me.


My advice is to prepare yourself well – read and watch the recommended articles and videos and consider what it is you want from the session. Talk about that in your chat with Tanja on the phone and in the pre-session.


Get those issues out in the open and you will get more out of it. Tanja prepares you very well but you have to prepare yourself too. When the journey begins, neither of you will know where it will go, but Tanja’s skillful, gentle and reassuring direction provides an incredible experience.


How on earth can something so powerfully sensual be so far from a shallow sexual experience? I am quite enamoured of shallow sexual experiences but the power unleashed by this genuine tantric journey is overwhelming, pleasurable and enduring. The experience is cathartic, cleansing and explosive.


The eyegazing is quite amazing. I won’t spoil the surprise that practice will spring on you: just accept and enjoy! The bathing ritual felt like an electric shock of pleasure and power and bliss. The massage is like no other I have experienced.


I left transformed, blissful, floating and on the journey to a place with immense inner power – but power that is not control, but exists for its own sake, like the wind.


If you are looking for a happy ending, go elsewhere – there are loads of really excellent practitioners. If you want a happy beginning, Tanja is the place to start. Hope that helps.”T – City worker



This Was Emailed Following A Telephone Consultation With Tanya Eden…For PE

“I guess at sometime or other we have all seen and watched the quiz game show, ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’. As if like myself you have viewed the programme, will know that one of the lifelines for the contestant sitting in the chair answering the questions from Chris Tarrant is ‘Phone A Friend’.


That was exactly what I felt I actually did do one particular evening by contacting Tanya about my ‘P.E’ problem.


After spending the first 10-15 minutes of my free consultation, of going through the reason why I had made contact. What followed after that, felt literally like I was talking to a friend that possibly I had not heard from for sometime. On the phone speaking with Tanya, just talking about all different sorts of issues and problems that I had faced over the last 10-20 years roughly.


I suppose looking back over that period of time. I have lost both of my parents, a spell of mild depression due to a bad work experience, and including debt problems as well. I think I have had my fair share of lifes misdemeanours.


As far as relationships, I have never really  had anything that would be considered as fully committed. I have in the past 12 months met someone, who has been over to my place 2 or 3 times. I felt by the later of those occasions, I recognised there was  a problem with me emotionally and trying to achieve a fulfilled purpose in my performance in the bedroom with her.


My realisation of this became apparent, after having opened up during my conversation with Tanya on the evening in question.


All of my particular concerns and fears were instantly dispelled during and after the phone call. This came about through
Tanya, who seemed to do this so naturally, with her calm and softly spoken voice. I was put very much at ease and told that this P.E issue I was experiencing was something that can be overcome through the tantric practice sessions she offers on her website.


I have on that basis alone decided to make a booking with Tanya in December.
I am very much looking forward to this and prepared to make the journey to hopefully overcoming P.E altogether.”Trevor



Mr. P. Solicitor

This Was Mr P’s First 3 Hour Tantric Experience With Tanya Eden…

“Dear Tanya,


Thank you for the wonderful session on Friday. I can already feel a positive change within me. It gives me immense pleasure to write about the quality of work to which you have devoted your life for. You are certainly one of the most professional and dedicated persons I have come across in my life.


My session began exactly on the agreed time and you made me feel at ease instantaneously. I appreciate the patience you showed in answering my queries prior to the paid session. My session began exactly the same way you had described in your Email confirmation.


Throughout the session I was able to feel a wonderful experience with my body and its energy. The two hours of Tantric massage was an ultimate bliss as my mind had lost its connection with time and space. I wanted to be in the same state for a longer time. I still have no clue of how fast the two hours had gone by. It was one of the most sacred and wonderful moments of my life when I slowly opened my eyes to the end of the session.


Tears were rolling down my eyes and it was completely involuntary. I felt that I had been restored back as a child. I have no words to describe the moment and would highly recommend others that the experience would speak for itself. I strongly feel that I can’t thank you enough. I am sure anybody who underwent a session would agree to what I have described above.


Keep up the good work Tanya. I really look forward towards another session with you in the near future. You certainly add meaning to a genuine tantric experience. It is very hard to find a person like you and I am glad our paths crossed. On a lighter note!! Tanya is one of the most endangered species; therefore take advantage of the benefit guys :)  Namaste”  Mr. P. Solicitor




This Was Tony’s First 2.5 Hour Tantric Experience With Tanya Eden…

“Dear Tanya,

I’m writing to you to thank you for my recent session with you.

I loved the natural way the session progressed. You provided enough of a word picture of yourself so that when we met we could greet each other like friends rather than awkward strangers. There was an instant rapport.

The conversation before the session again helped to build that rapport to a high level of trust in you, your character and your skill as a tantric practitioner.


We had agreed a 2.5 hour session including the massage and rituals. I was astonished how you lead me through the eye gazing, the breathing, the undressing ritual and the bathing with such naturalness. There was a care for me as a person and the elegant skill of a consummate practitioner.


The massage was sublime. The back massage sent me off into a calm and gentle place. The front massage took me somewhere I had never been before, The Kundalini awakening. The way you guided me through this with advice on breathing and control turned what could have been a frightening and out of control experience into a positive and incredible one. I felt my own heart, I felt joy and I felt like a child again.


Afterwards you helped to ground me again in reality and taught me that all I experienced was inside me, there for my use and delight.


To anyone considering meeting Tanya for the first time I would say the most important thing is trust. Trust the web site, trust the fact you do not need photographs before meeting, trust her skills, trust her as a guide and teacher.”



Dr R. London

This Was Dr. R.’s First 2.5 Hour Tantric Experience With Tanya Eden…

My search for truth started when I was very young as far as I became a thinking sentient being. I at one time believed that science was the answer to everything and at one time I in my teenage years was actually  an atheist. Then things changed and I began to believe that there was a God and went to the other extreme being caught up in religion, it reached a point where the religion did not satisfy my quest for understanding  together with the hypocrisy that I saw in it. I eventually left religion all together, but still with the belief  that there was something more to this life , this reality.

This was a lonely and difficult time and actually it led me to continue the search by reading about Quantum mechanics again hoping that science would offer me some degree of understanding as to why we are here what is our purpose and where we are going. It helped  a lot and I then discovered readings from the likes of Bashar and Lipton to name  a few that began to help me to realise that balance is required that science and religion are really the same and that only by combining the two can we truly begin to understand who we are, why we are here and the purpose of all we see around us.

My search for application of what I had learnt led me to Tanya, which I thought could maybe help me re align my chakras and gain a better understanding of myself. To be honest I was a bit apprehensive but I thought that I need to take risks in life to gain something precious. So I went to her for healing, and it was difficult but her method worked and is working in ways I never could imagine.

All the pain that  I have had in my heart from my difficult life , which involved the loss of my child, my wife, all my worldly possessions and many other things just melted away. My heart feels so much lighter, so much more free now. In my experience with Tanya I actually left this reality for  a few second and went to another realm I believe and when I returned all the pain was gone.

Additionally the effect of the realignment and the awakening of the kudalini have had other positive effects that I could not have imagined. My senses have become fine tuned and heightened now, it is as if I am seeing the world for the first time. I see a tree or a person and everything about them have become more meaningful more real . I have come to the realisation that we are all just one with the source or God or whatever you wish to call it. The reason we are here is to experience what it is to be human to live in such a limited solid state, but ultimately to be able to transcend , to transform beyond this solidity to more fluidity more flexibility.

Actually when I experienced the fluidity when I was with Tanya, made me feel that I did not want to stay in this realm of limitation, but now I know that I am at a higher frequency and can appreciate this realm in a totally new and unique way, and perhaps some day even help others who are ready to make the next evolutionary leap in consciousness.

Tanya have certainly helped me to make an amazing transition and for those of you out there who are ready who are tired of the negativity around you, who want true healing on all levels of your reality, then you should see Tanya, it in not just about the physical, it is about the spiritual, and as Tanya said which I found quite profound ,”when the student is ready the teacher will appear” .

So for those of you out there who are ready, then I hope you will see this gifted and sincere lady and make the transition, May you enjoy the beginning of the rest of your life!!

Dr R. London


Mark, Teacher

This Was Mark’s Sixth Session, so a very regular client! And 3 Hour Tantric Experience With Tanya Eden…

“My dearest Tanya,

Many, many thanks for the sublime massage I had with you last week. Sorry I left it so long since my last visit.

As you know I have been doing a lot of work on my own tantric journey and my session with you complemented the self-honouring practice I have been doing perfectly. I loved the fact that you tailored a bespoke session to my particular requirements. The rituals before the massage took on a greater significance than previously.

The breathing exercises, heart to heart embrace and eye gazing rituals were truly moving. I felt so secure and welcomed that they set the mood for the honouring space. The ritual undressing was again a beautiful moment; the naturist aspect of the session is so beautiful and sensually magic.

The key to the perfect massage is to relax and be open for you to do your special work, a skill in which you are so gifted. That and of course the breathing, your reminding of this was timely as always and made the experience special.

You have facilitated and projected me on a tantric path, and for that I am truly grateful. I look forward to our next session; I won’t wait as long next time! I’m sure that each visit opens one more petal of the lotus flower of truer understanding.

Thank you once again.


Mark  X”

Mark, Teacher, London



Chris, Banker

This Was Chris’s First 2.5 Hour Tantric Experience With Tanya Eden…

” Tanya is the real deal and knows exactly how to awaken the kundalini within.  At the outset she suggested she’d had a 98% success rate, and along the way I was a little sceptical.

However, by the end I realised she truly does know her stuff, and ohboy, the kundalini awakening is well-worth discovering.

Not sure exactly what I will get out of it, but in the meantime I can confirm its completely changed my approach of sharing love with my girlfriend.

For one I think I now have a much better idea of what she experiences, and for two I am so much more into the moment with her and less into myself…the result is magic stuff!! ”

Chris, banker



This Was David’s First 3 Hour Tantric Experience With Tanya Eden…

(David has already advanced booked his second session, to take place in May!)

“I was looking to experience a massage where I could totally relax without needing to worry about my body’s natural responses. With Tanya, I found that and so much more. I felt totally open and liberated, and it was wonderful to be brought so deeply in touch with my own sexuality. Tanya nurtured, positively encouraged and celebrated it in such an intimate and caring way – it was just incredible.

“I have suffered with depression all my life, and Tanya offers a way to deal with this. That is what brought me specifically to her. This approach is so different from other therapies I have tried – she has actively brought me into touch with feelings I have suppressed for years. My first session with her left me in a state of euphoria that I have never before experienced. My depression has not disappeared overnight, and I had never expected it to, but I have been able to use my emotional memories of our session to move into a better place. Tanya has been unbelievably generous in the help she has been giving me to cope with my depression and to move forward away from it. She is a truly wonderful person.

“I am not someone who is easily convinced about the effectiveness of different approaches to healing, and I know that this is just the beginning. But I am open to change, and what a wonderful way this is to bring it about. What have I got to lose?”





This Was Byron’s Second  3 Hour Tantric Experience With Tanya Eden…

During the gap between my first and second visits to Tanya I was quite amazed at how the effects of the incredibly stimulating sensations enjoyed at the first session somehow continued to affect me in a wonderfully positive way. For someone who over the past sixty years has developed perfectly balanced characteristics of scepticism and cynicism it’s pretty amazing to find that a new sense of contentment and calmness has come into my life.

Even better I seem to have re found a “can do” attitude to life’s challenges. With this background I went into my second 3 hour appointment with great anticipation but also with confidence that it would be another stimulating and awakening experience. Even though Tanya clearly sees me as a very committed client she spared no effort to make my anticipation a reality.

Again it was a highly sensual and stimulating session. Yes there was a very intimate atmosphere but  the same clear clear physical boundaries had to be observed. I’m now beginning to think that the situation where a very attractive naked lady is so close but yet unattainable is a contradiction that actuality generates a strong element of sexual energy. In any event it certainly works for me! Perhaps this acceptance is the reason that the sessions give me so much.  I fully intend to continue these visits as time permits.




 Carlos, London

This Was Carlos’s First 3 Hour Tantric Experience With Tanya Eden…

hello tanya

once again i would like to thank you for such wonderful time.
i had the most amazing experience, you helped me understand
my problem and helped me overcome it, all the rituals are such a joy
followed by a very relaxing 2 hour massage, i will definitely recommend you to my friends.


Carlos, London



Mark, London

This Was Mark’s First 2.5 Hour Tantric Experience With Tanya Eden…

“I met Tanya for my first session today and have had an experience beyond expectations, no testimonial or description can quite sum up the opportunity. For me it was about learning and experiencing something I know little about, and after one session I feel more awakened and the bodies emegery is something that I would like to continue to explore.

My massage and breathing techniques that were taught sent me into a deap calm state
which has left me feeling very positive. Tanya is lovely and educated and an excellent guide, full recommendation.”

Mark, London



This Was Byron’s First 3 Hour Tantric Experience With Tanya Eden…and has since been back!

“My first time with Tanya turned out to be 3 hours of sublime pleasure culminating in an extraordinary experience where I simultaneously felt amazing waves of pleasure and energy firing through my body.

This was a totally new experience that I had never previously felt when visiting other Tantra therapists in the UK and abroad.

It’s very difficult to describe but on reflection I think that it may be like the amazing sensations that people sometimes report when they come into contact with a faith healer.

This seems appropriate as I believe Tanya has a special gift. I think some of the success of the session is due to the fact that Tanya went to great lengths to describe the it beforehand.

A long phone conversation and detailed e-mail explained what would happen during our time together. So before the session started I understood the sequence of events.

It was clear it would be a very sensual experience but Tanya was also very specific about her boundaries and the type of activities that the session would not include.

This meant that as the session unfolded I was able to get the maximum benefit from the rituals and massage as I had no uncertainties about what was going to happen that could have been distracting and reduce the benefit and enjoyment. From start to finish I found it a remarkable experience with a very sensuous lady who guided and encouraged me throughout in a wonderfully relaxed yet intimate way.

It was a true privilege to experience and I am determined to make a further visit very soon.”

Byron, Business Consultant UK



John, Chicago

This Was John’s Second, Three Hour Session And Tantric Experience With Tanya Eden…

Tanya does beautiful work. Teacher, nurturer, guide, healer, Tanya works with that secret energy we all have within and helps us realize its full potential.

If you approach a session with Tanya with an open mind and an open heart, you will be blown away by the result.

You will know and love yourself more and project a glow that shines on to those around you.”  

John, Chicago, USA



Mark, London

“This was my fifth and most profound session I have yet to have with Tanya.”

The session started with a wonderful conversation that set me at ease, so much that I kept yawning and felt really open and ready for Tanya’s magic to begin. She reassured me that yawning was a good sign, an indication that the body was letting go of the mind. Tanya helped start the session with a breathing practice which is so simple yet so important in getting the most out of the session and helping with achieving kundalini rising.

The eye gazing is marvellous and I asked if we could spend longer doing this which Tanya kindly indulged me with. It sounds strange but I got completely lost in the faces I saw which were people I somehow knew but weren’t people I actually knew at all!

The ritual undressing really helped me feel closer to Tanya in the session and enabled me to reconnect with her and create a mutual feeling of perfect trust. It felt so right to stand in front of her naked, saying here I am totally naked, open and ready for the session. I completely trust you.

The bathing ceremony was relaxing and sent me into a chilled state perfect for the massage itself.

The massage, well what can I say about that? After such softening up and put into a complete state of relaxation I was ready for the massage and for the energy to pass through my chakras. With each touch my body tingled and vibrated it was so intense, yet so perfectly wonderful at the same time. This may sound surreal but I felt so in love with myself during the massage. I visualised that I was being completely honoured and respected, each part of my body responded to each caress. I felt I connected with every living thing, the plants in the room even, and the universe itself. It was a deeply moving and profound experience. I felt bright light shooting out the top of my head during the most intense parts of the massage. Truly beautiful.

The result was indeed a wonderful state of bliss at the end of my session. I felt so in tune with myself and Tanya that each of our breaths were in true synchronised harmony. Our breaths and energy being shared and working as one.

I would not only truly recommend one session with Tanya, but keep going back and you will find yourself far more at peace with yourself, family, friends, the universe, I could go on. It is an experience that you owe to yourself. Tanya Eden truly works wonders with Kundalini energy and the chakras.

Tanya helped me find something that I didn’t really notice I’d lost! Find out for yourself.

Thank you Tanya, I hope to book a session with you again in the very near future.

Namaste  Mark x

Mark, Teacher, London



John, Chicago USA

Dear Tanya,

Meeting with you has been a true awakening for me. I’ve read and heard about Kundalini energy but, quite frankly, was a bit skeptical.

How could someone well into adulthood never experience something so lies so powerfully within?   You have awakened this within me and I feel truly fortunate to have met you and to have been the recipient of such a wonderful gift.  Thank you for a wonderful day.  Thank you for a life-altering experience.  You are right, I will never be the same!

  John, Chicago


Mark, London

This Was Mark’s Fourth Session And Tantric Experience With Tanya Eden…

As my session with you yielded such profound and wonderful results… the opening of the lotus flower, I decided I would try and encapsulate my feelings about the session, my tantric journey and my immense pleasure at having you as a guide and teacher …

Before I commence this testimonial I would like to point out that what I experienced during my session with Tanya was all to do with very personal and spiritual feelings and connections, and these don’t necessarily translate that easily into the written word.


This was my fourth session with Tanya, my first three hour appointment, as previously I had gone for two and a half hour sessions. Was the extra half hour worth it? Most certainly it was.

This time I learned to control my breathing in order to ride the waves of bliss for my entire massage, well almost!

My whole body was tingling with electric charge staring from my base chakra and spreading upwards and outwards. Words fail me as to how to describe it. The closest I can get to is “sublime”.I felt wonderfully open and connected throughout the whole massage.

The key was focusing on the breathing.

This was also the first time I began to understand the undressing ritual. As each layer of clothing came off I allowed myself to become more open allowing Tanya to unlock and work with the kundalini energy within.

When I stood naked in front of her, while she was still clothed, it felt that I had given myself over for Tanya to be able to work with and heal my entire body.

As she finally undressed herself it was her showing that she was also open and a creation of mutual openness and trust was further created. The powerful music and mantras in the background beautifully accompanying and enhancing the ritual. The breathing and eye gazing were essential ingredients.

I had requested a longer time for eye gazing to further heighten the experience and the connection.

This brought a beautifully rewarding procession of visions, emotions and feelings. The final eye gazing ritual at the end of the massage was one of pure love, a truly beautiful end to the session. I am learning to love myself and share that energy with all that I connect with. I can live on this for weeks to come.

I told Tanya that before I started the sessions with her I considered myself to be in a state of depression, devoid of any real hope. Those thoughts have been completely banished as I am now on the journey to live away from my head and into my body and its feelings centred on the here and now.

I am a work in progress, I am on a tantric journey, a thrilling sensational journey. I am on the right path, a truly spiritual path.

Tanya you have worked wonders to transform me. I am truly thankful for all the energy you have put into me, and as I write and re-read my words the kundalini energy is vibrating throughout my body. Each tingle a connection to the love that I feel around me.

Thank you.   Namaste, Mark”  

Mark, Teacher, London


Teacher, East London

This Was Mark’s Third Session And Tantric Experience With Tanya Eden...

Wonderful speaking to you and catching up with you today. You’re really keeping busy and so I particularly appreciated you taking time to speak to me on the phone. It’s been quite a tough start to the term, we’ve all hit the ground running! So although I’m far better equipped to connect and have the tools to use, speaking to you was a real tonic, an injection of connection! I don’t know!

Well as promised! As you’ve invested in getting me connected, testimonial volume 3 is the least I could do in return.

Different to the first 2, a lot calmer in tone I think, but far more! I trust you can grab hold of what I’m feeling!

This is my third session with Tanya and I am far clearer in my connections with, myself, my family, those around me, the universe! Each visit intensifies this feeling.

Since working with Tanya I am empowered! If I initially get things wrong, I sit back and and work out how I could have dealt with the situation better! I then put it into practice! I hear the words of encouragement (moment of epiphany!) that the work that Tanya has done for me, and I feel the vibrations. I connect again, excited and encouraged to face the world with a positive and happy approach to whatever I encounter. I cannot praise Tanya enough for helping me believe and trust in myself. To love myself, which is important!

My sessions with Tanya have made me realise that I wish to continue my immersion. I am now attending yoga classes to help with my breathing and body posture. My default setting over the last few years was to be negative and blame others, think the worst of situations! The default setting has ‘had its day’!

I said at the start of this testimony that each session brings a deeper understanding of myself and my connections. Tanya has encouraged me to find out more and I want to continue with my study of Tantra and Kundalini. She has awoken a hornets nest, and it won’t go back to sleep!

I look forward to my next meeting with Tanya, I know it will continue to get deeper! I will discover more about myself and connecting with those around me, my loved ones and beyond. Namaste

Mark, Teacher, East London


Teacher, East London

This was Mark’s second session and tantric experience with Tanya Eden…

I was hugely excited before my second session with Tanya and she spent a couple of telephone calls preparing me for the session and cautioning me not to have expectations of how it might go! “No two massages are ever the same,” I was reminded. I was also told that I should be prepared for a much deeper session, and ladies and gentlemen that is exactly what I got.

Tanya suggested I watch a couple of videos on her website, “Tantra and Love” and “Namaste,” both of which I watched several times when I couldn’t sleep the evening before my second session. These films provided excellent preparation for the session. For the first time it really dawned on me that you must truly love yourself before you can begin to love anyone else. Something that seems so obvious was made true for me as a result of the work I have done with Tanya.

The massage itself helped me have my first real kundalini rising experience. This is something I cannot truly explain as it was an overwhelming sensation. I recall making sounds and movements of my body, but it was all too brief. I feel that Tanya has guided me to this place where I can simply let go, trust her and work hard on my breathing to get the most from my sessions. All of the feelings that result in each session can be transferred to all other aspects of your life.

My favorite part of the session this time, and perhaps during the first time also, was not the massage itself but the eye gazing contact work Tanya did with me both before and after the massage. I definitely saw her third eye and felt the divine inside her. It sounds crazy but it is the only way I can describe it!

Thank you Tanya, I am growing to fall back in love with myself. I couldn’t go on being grumpy and cynical for the rest of my life. Both me, and those around me are worth far more than that. You have helped me to feel again.”  

Mark, Teacher, East London


 Teacher, East London.

It has been into the just over 24 hours since I have had a tantric massage with Tania and I haven’t spent a moment since thinking about anything else. Selfishly I would like to keep Tania to myself but since the session I’m aware of the huge impact she can have on how you experience your life. Therefore I know it is only right and fitting that I share and convey my feelings of my session with her to you!

I went into the session with a healthy amount of scepticism but left Tania feeling very close and connected to everything, I felt something inside me that I hadn’t felt for years, if at all! I’m not sure I am making too much sense however my time with Tania turned a grumpy and cynical man into someone who could see the possibilities about who and how you are and think have a huge impact on outcomes and the responses you get from those around you, whatever the circumstance.

If you are feeling a little jaded and in need of a catalyse or facilitator to show you that there is a different path to take, other possibilities then I would strongly recommend you to book a visit with Tania. I know I need to find out more and will certainly be booking a session at the earliest opportunity. Just thinking about it makes me tingle!

The great thing about the session is that she is able to put you at ease straight away and invests a lot of time getting to know you and prepare you for what you are about to experience. I also experienced all the rituals as part of the session which gave a valuable resonance to the whole session. The breathing, the eye to eye contact, hands on hearts and bathing helped complete the experience, a sincere awakening!

The massage itself was a sublime experience and I felt more contented and at peace with myself, something that I had previously give up hope of feeling again. Tania is a teacher and facilitator in union to help you achieve the maximum from the session.

Just remember to breath and be open and it will be an experience that could change your life for good.

Thank you Tania, you made me feel extremely special.” 

Mark – Teacher, East London


Client Review And Testimonial: June 2011: American Writer

“Blessings to Tanya.

Usually when I’m looking for something I either don’t find it or it takes a very long time to find it. I found my wife by not looking for her, but it took me a long time. I prefer to find people and things I need by chance,  that way if I do indeed find them then I know that they are right and that I did need them. I had been looking for a Tantrika like Tanya for a very long time and I’m beyond joy that I didn’t give up my search.

As with my other experiences, I expected Tanya to whisper in my ear something about “special service” about halfway through my session with her, but from beginning to end Tanya proved that she is a real Tantrika. She moved through my session exactly as it is portrayed on her website and every part of my session was done with absolute respect for my well being.

I have had a few Kundalini risings during my life, but none was ever induced or facilitated by another person; they came about with through great mental strain or through meditation. I must say that I’m 100 percent satisfied that Tanya’s work is authentic, there is no doubt. Because I had had other Kundalini experiences, my body was open and willing to accept the release and joy of Kundalini. Everyone’s experience will vary depending on their state of openness, but whether you’re looking for more balance in your life or total union with the Cosmos, Tanya can facilitate your deepest desires – it is only up to you.

Working with Kundalini energy is not child’s play and Tanya deeply prepares for each one of her sessions. At first I thought, how much am I paying for this?Two-weeks on I’m still noticing the effects of her work: my chronic Sciatica pain, though still healing, has all but completely disappeared; I’m calmer and I even walk with more confidence as the Kundalini works in my spine; When negativity arises I’m able to immediately clear my mind and connect with the Kundalini energy as instructed by Tanya.

If you are looking for a sexual experience get a prostitute; but if you are looking for a path to wellness and balance in your life, then book a session with Tanya.”                                                                                                                                         

American Writer


Client Review And Testimonial: Matt, London

“Having only a limited understanding of tantra I felt I needed a proper therapeutic session after some significant personal changes I have been going through, which had left me feeling quite drained and disconnected.  I certainly did not want an escort or anything like that; for me that would have only compounded my feelings of detachment.

I was attracted by Tanya’s website as it contains a large amount of useful information, both about the service she provides, and about tantra in general.

What particularly particularly impressed me was the time and care Tanya takes to focus on her client as an individual.  Tanya created the space for me to get in touch with myself in a way that I really needed and had not experienced before.

She does tailor things to the individual and at the same time is not judgemental but gave me some very useful feedback.  I did not feel rushed at all at any stage; in fact quite the opposite as Tanya spent far longer with me than I expected.

By the end of the session I felt that I could see a number of important things about myself, and my situation, much more clearly.  I would highly recommend Tanya as a genuine tantric healer.”

Matt, London


Testimonial: Lady Client, London 

One has to experience Tanya’s “Oasis of Tantric Bliss” in order to fully appreciate the amazing outcome.  It has been the best gift I could offer myself and I am grateful to have connected with such a remarkable lady.  It was  both a spiritual and healing experience which I shall not forget and it has changed me for the better!”

She continued…  “I went to bed early and slept for nearly 10 hours! I am feeling absolutely wonderful today, thanks to you! Namaste “


A very happy, blissful lady Client, London


Testimonial:  from a regular international client!

I just wanted to thank you for such a special session last week. You are a gifted provider and I feel blessed that you have taken me into your world”                                                                                            

City Professional, New York





“If you are wondering at all what impact you might have on your poor, innocent victims, then suffice it to say that 2 days after my ordeal, I am still walking around with a big gin on my face and floating somewhere in the stratosphere…….but hopelessly deliriously happy!” 

International Professional 



“Thank you so much for the session yesterday. In many years of massage/bodywork/energy practices, it stands out as one of the most exceptional I have experieinced. I think the singular most significant thing for me is how genuine you are in what you say and do. It felt like a real connection and not just a “you have an hour of my time” practice.

“I am certain that I will see you again. Your rates are very reasonable for the effort you put in and for the overall experience, but unfortunately I can’t afford daily visits 🙂


… but I will visit in the not too distant future...I thank you for the gift.                                         

City Professional



“Just a quick note to express my thanks to you for today. I have never experienced anything quite as profound as the tantric bliss you enabled for me.

This is the experience and more that I have been hoping to find for several years now. Its intensity was clearly born out of the connection between us facilitated through your beautiful rituals and even the care you took over our initial conversation on the phone in booking the session.

I was so glad I was able to give you the time to show their potential and the massage was simply incredible. I am also very grateful for the generousity of your unhurried approach and the time given to me today. It is a wonderful vocation that you are engaged in and I look forward to seeing you soon.

The following morning, the same client emailed: “I’ve had the best sleep I’ve had in years!!! Thank you”

International City Professional



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