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Authentic Tantric Massage And White Tantra Rituals London

Tanya Eden, Kundalini Expert

Tantric Practitioner, Professional Therapist

Authentic White Tantra Specialist and Chakra Energy Healer

 Location: Close to City and Canary Wharf, East London, United Kingdom


Expert in Awakening Kundalini Energy Through Kundalini Tantric Massage And Authentic White Tantric Rituals, Chakra Clearing And Balancing for your entire body and mind.  Cleansing and purifying your body as well as your emotional and nervous systems.

Qualified in Energy Healing and the Chakras and working with clients for over 10 years.

I am an educated and sophisticated English and British lady – for those who keep asking!

I trained in tantric practice, rituals and massage for clients, enabling clients to achieve kundalini rising and obtain calm in their stressful lives. Many comment on amazing sleep and deep relaxation that lasts for days after sessions.

I am also a stress management therapist and love educating people…as you can see from my blog!

This blog will be a useful resource for anyone who is struggling with managing their stress and finds it hard to sleep at night. Check out the FREE meditations at my site, which are guaranteed to relax you.

My clients are mainly from The City professions – bankers, barristers, traders, corporate finance, traders, stock brokers and IT within the City as well as marketing and media.

My service attracts clients that are mainly international and come from The States and Middle East as well as other continents. I do see clients based in London too! Creating space within their busy diaries to create a unique oasis of tantric bliss.

I also have a lovely following of female clients, from out of town, who are also therapists. These ladies have been actively referring their friends and clients, as they are so impressed with the authenticity and therapeutic nature of my service.

I have a Bio Energy Diploma, which was the study and applied healing energy practices of the psychology of the chakra system and work with the chakras at an energy level which creates amazing therapeutic healing for clients.

This included behavioural characteristics of how the mind connects with the body and the study of specific challenges that are not being dealt with when clients are suffering physical aches and pains within their body or emotional  and mental stress.

I am also a specialist in human behavioural psychology – my sessions with clients are transforming!

I believe it is important to obtain a good connection with clients prior to moving into sessions, as tantra is all about connection.

I have also trained in cobra breath and kundalini awakening practice, and I am fully conversant with the practice of supporting clients through a full kundalini awakening.

Tantra is all about creating blissful relaxation through a series of breathing techniques and relaxation techniques that leave you feeling quite amazing. You will feel like you are walking on air and will be very relaxed and stress free at the end of your session – that is my promise!

I work intuitively with clients and no two massages or sessions are the same…as I work with your energy in a beautiful touch massage therapy that creates a unique and powerful experience during your session.

I am dedicated to my clients success within their sessions and work in a beautiful space close to The City of London, United Kingdom.

I have private off road car parking and have a wonderful healing and therapeutic space to receive clients.

I look forward to your call to discuss your booking soon!


Tanya Eden
Certified Practitioner and Trainer
Authentic White Tantra Specialist and Chakra Energy Healer
Kundalini Massage Expert

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