Overcoming Premature Ejaculation

Tanya Eden's Authentic Tantric Therapy solves your Premature Ejaculation Problems

Do you suffer with premature ejaculation (P.E.) challenges? OR Delayed Ejaculation?

Impotency Problems? Or Sexual Dysfunction?

Do you suffer with Floppy Penis Syndrome?

Are you suffering with any type of sexual dysfunction (S.D.)?

Is your partner fed up with your performance in bed because of your challenges?

Do you get worked up and frustrated about your sexual performance?

Libido Challenges, Sexual Dysfunction? 100% Success Rate With Tanya Eden’s Blue Print Session – Includes Free Consultation

I’ve helped hundreds of men to Obliterate their Premature Ejaculation and other intimacy problems.

Proven Results With my signature PE BluePrint Programme, for obliterating your Premature Ejaculation Challenges

Genuine Tantra Therapy with Tanya Eden, will overcome your premature ejaculation and libido challenges


Tanya offers a professional tantric experience that will BLOW your mind…

And YOUR LIBIDO challenges into oblivion!

You will surprised how many men have this problem. . .it is when a man becomes preoccupied with his performance and builds up a story within his mind about what is going to happen.

And then, interestingly, whatever you were thinking about…happens!! Ohh No!!!!!! It’s all over in less than 5 mins. . .. . .Not good for you or your partner.

Allow me to support you to break through this challenge, and allow me to teach you how you can ride the wave of amazing relaxation of tantric bliss and move you into a space of your body becoming entrained into experiencing the sensations of your body.

This will move you out of YOUR MIND and out of your requirement to perform
And into an amazing place of tantric bliss.

My PE BluePrint Programme, will get you back in touch with your senses and your body, you will learn to feel again, allowing your body to respond without judgement or performance expectations.

Your problems are a direct result of “Over Thinking” and analysing things in YOUR MIND about what you will do and feel, so then it becomes an experience from your mind.
Whatever you think about, becomes your reality.

You cannot think about “NOT Premature Ejaculating” without thinking about it!  And thus it is created into your reality.

The mind cannot distinguish between what is thought about, and what is real.

Your physical BluePrint Programme tantric session with me, will be a blend of beautiful relaxing authentic white tantra rituals and an amazing kundalini tantric massage
Which together, will take you way out of your mind and into your Five Senses
And into your body. There is “NO SPACE” for the mind to have a piece of the action!

And furthermore, I can promise you that your body will, for the first time
Begin to feel and enjoy sensations that will amaze you. . .

Following your PE BluePrint Programme Physical session, you will experience intimacy in a totally new and wonderful way
And you will be delighted at how different that will be for you and your partner.

Your PE BluePrint Programme Physical Session:

Fully Authentic And Therapeutic Kundalini Tantic Massage
And White Tantric Rituals Session Details:

Through a series of Breathing Rituals and authentic white tantra rituals including:

Ritual Undressing Ceremony
And an amazing and deeply therapeutic Bathing Ceremony Ritual 
Moving into an authentic Kundalini Tantric Massage

That is fully naturist, for both you and your tantrika and therapeutic, working with you to balance your chakra energy points through to an amazing touch therapy massage that culminates in the sacred Taoist Lingam Massage Ritual  which will be more intense than your normal experience…

As specific pressure points and techniques are used to achieve amazing and powerful therapeutic benefits for your stress both emotional and physical.

Call me for more information on how my amazing authentic tantric session Will help you with this challenge…

100% SUCCESS RATE For clients who book the PE BluePrint ~Programme  Session, for Obliterating Your Challenges
No Need To Suffer In Silence Anymore!

Your call also acts as a short consultation for what you wish to resolve during your session,
You WILL feel a sense of relaxation during our call – as I am a genuine therapist

I will give you an understanding about how this challenge is occurring,
So that you can appreciate WHY this is happening so you maximise your session results.

My service is wholly therapeutic with 100% success for clients dealing with any type of emotional or physical stress I take great care to prepare for your session and only offer my service as an incall service.


Tanya Eden
Certified Practitioner and Trainer
Authentic White Tantra Specialist and Chakra Energy Healer
Kundalini Massage Expert

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