Mutual Intimate Touching?

Does a Genuine Tantrika Allow Mutual and Intimate Touching?

It is without a doubt that many ladies offer sensual massage, naturist massage and tantric massage – veiled under the term “Tantric Services” which are really sex workers, escort girls and prostitutes veiling their paid for sexual services as Tantra.  It is no wonder clients and prospective clients looking for a tantric service are confused!! They generally give themselves away by posing naked in very provocative poses!

That is why I go to great lengths to provide an informative website with informative emails for clients, so they understand what my service is, and what it is not.

If you are looking for a tantric service that offers you, the client, the opportunity to touch your tantrika’s breasts and genital areas, then you are really looking for an escort or what they call “Full Service” or even called “Girl Friend Experience” (GFE) – these are all terms that escorts and prostitutes use to veil their sexual paid services.

Some escorts and sex workers even offer, blow jobs (BJ) oral (O) and describe the lingam massage as “Happy Ending,” or “HE” or “Hand Relief” or “HR”.


NOW With More Information On “CC Swipes”

I have recently come across another rather interesting term, “cc swipes”. This stands for “Credit Card Swipes” which means, “xtras” are available and are directly encouraged by the provider. Do take plenty of Cash with you for the “Xtra Services!! I think this is a rather clever way to disguise a sex worker! As I get a number of searches on my blog every day checking out what this term means, I thought I would add more information, for those clearly looking for it at my website. This term is more overtly discussed on escort forums such as punterlink. It is a very understood term within the escort and sex worker industry.

It is up to you to find out how much of a sexual service they are providing – you may even by able to get full sex with this one! Even escorts and sex workers have boundaries, so do be mindful of them. Remember, the more respect you show your provider that is offering these sexual services, the more you will get out of your sexual session.

These are all blatant sexual services – and you will find them being offered under the veil of “Tantra Services”. Be warned and know what you are buying!

It is then an educational issue, as so many adverts are really escort girls, sex workers and prostitutes – veiling under Tantra – that prospective clients looking for a tantric service – think that is what tantra is!


Respecting Boundaries of your Genuine Tantrika

It is important for you, that during your session with me, to respect and honour the boundaries of your authentic and genuine tantrika, and that means that your session is all about you, not what you do to your tantrika, so I have some clear boundaries for my clients during their  session. This means no  intimate touching of your tantrika. Holding hands or touching my arm or waist is fine, essentially, non-intimate touching, sometimes there is a need for connection during the massage, so that is perfectly ok and respected.

If we make it about what you do to me, it then becomes a “sexual session” – my sessions are sensual, as my intention is to raise your sexual energy through spiritual practice of my beautiful rituals and massage. My sessions are amazing to experience, if this is what you are looking for.

It is not about what you do to me, within your session, that creates the changes within your body and mind, it is about what I can facilitate for you by using white tantra rituals and kundalini energy practices to raise your sexual energy to create amazing states of therapeutic wellbeing and states of consciousness – which will give you more clarity and clear your mind and eradicate your aches and pains and clear your stress.


A Genuine Tantrika’s viewpoint

As I get so many people asking if they can mutually touch me, I thought it was time I wrote this article to explain to the confused gentlemen out there.

You will find that most genuine tantrikas will have the same code of ethics on clients touching their intimate areas (breasts and gentials).

So the genuine tantrikas have to deal with enquiries of this nature and explain what we offer – you will see, on genuine tantric websites – this concept explained time and time again. Wandering hands and inappropriate touching is not what a genuine tantrika will be promoting, advertising or generally allowing within their sessions. Obviously, there are always exceptions to the rule!

I am essentially working with white tantra and use red tantra in terms of raising the kundalini energy (the sexual energy) in a spiritual way, as a naturist massage to awaken your sexual energy (kundalini). Once this energy is awakened, amazing things can happen in your life. Many yogis practice to raise this energy for years – and never achieve it. I feel gifted, that I have enabled and facilitated around 98% of my clients to achieve this state of tantric bliss.

Connection of hands and arms are sometimes experienced and natural.

My training is in kundalini energy, the chakras as a whole, and white tantra (right hand path) and red tantra (as in spiritual awakening of kundalini energy) and Kriya yoga. I am also trained in Cobra Breath – to illicit awakening as well as the breathing and practice of working with kundalini once it is awakened.

An authenic view point for you from a genuine tantric therapist offering genuine tantric rituals and tantric therapeutic healing massage.

I go to great lengths to create good connection and rapport with clients, before we get into a paid session, during our initial phone call and in subsequent emails and give time before we get into the paid session, to ensure that a relaxed and deeper connection is made to enable you to have the best experience possible.

It is unfortunate, if you have inadvertently experienced a “none authentic tantric session” as this experience generally leaves clients feeling quite empty and unsatisfied, if they were on a quest for a real and genuine tantric experience – they are left feeling disappointed and somehow hollow inside. Then some even think that we are all like that! Interesting don’t you think?

There are some wonderful and genuine tantric practitioners out there, like me, who take their work seriously and are genuine in their offering – think about what you are looking for and make a decision on the right service provider for you.

Whoever you choose, please be respectful of the more genuine tantrik providers, as we really want you to have a wonderful experience – rather than a sexual service.

If we say, we do not offer sexual services – that is what we mean.  And to insist that you want to touch your tantrika’s intimate areas – is just not acceptable.

There are many ladies who will allow you to touch them intimately and will state if they encourage it, without a problem – and they are advertising that and telling you openly – so you know what you are getting – choose those ladies if that is what you are looking for. And remember what it is you are buying!

It is not appropriate to push or expect the more genuine tantrikas to provide these sexual services. As authentic tantra does not include mutual intimate touching, oral or blow jobs or sex. These activities are what the escorts will provide for you – very easily. 

Authentic tantra is about surrendering yourself to receive without any requirements to give back or perform. It is in that place, that your body goes through dramatic and therapeutic changes. Sessions will produce a deeper intensity of feeling within your body, as you will have moved out of your mind and your performance and into the place of receiving unconditionally. This will be amazing for you to experience and deeply beneficial for stress and any physical or emotional stress you may be suffering from. This WILL be very beneficial for anyone who is suffering with pre-mature ejaculation or any type of sexual dysfunction.

I had a call this evening, from a prospective client that found me on google, and he advised me that his work colleague and friend had been raving about an amazing tantric massage experience that he had that included oral at the end.  He went onto say, that his friend spoke more about the massage and was less enamoured with the oral part…interesting don’t you think?

Imagine the horror when I advised him that it was not a genuine tantric experience! He was so impressed by my explanations and authenticity that he has booked a session with me for this week and he keenly finished off saying, “I will send lots of my colleagues to you as it takes a lot to impress me and you have!!”

I have no personal  issue with sex workers offering sexual services, as they are offering a service that is clearly required by a lot of gentlemen, who are more comfortable in buying a “tantric service” that offers oral and intimate touching rather than going to an overtly advertised sex worker, escort or prostitute.

The challenge that I have is when gentlemen read my website, love my explanations and my service offering, then push for more sexual acts to be included that I clearly don’t provide. I always suggest, when this happens, that I am not the right provider for what they are looking for. And to seek an alternative provider who is offering the sexual services they wish to experience.

The moral of this is that, staying authentic in my tantric practice brings me the right clients that genuinely wish to experience an authentic and therapeutic tantric session, rather than a sexual session.

I trust that this article has been helpful to the confused, the wondering and the inquisitive. If you wish to know more about my work, please check out my other articles. A fuller understanding can be achieved by watching and listening to the videos that I have at my website.

It has been my pleasure to write this article for you!



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