Tantric Services Prices


Tantric Sessions Costs – And Your Investment

It’s important that you think of this therapy, or any therapy, an investment rather than a cost.  It’s an investment in yourself and your ability to learn how to improve yourself, so you’ll notice that I refer to investment a lot in the Tantric Services prices below.

Tantric Sessions

Sorry, I do not offer 30 minute, 45 minute or 60 minute appointments as it is not possible for me to deliver my authentic tantric service in such a short time.

Consider that your session is more of a retreat style experience, rather than a rushed conveyor belt service!

I do not offer outcall…as I prepare a tranquil and warm environment that is sure to make your session a true “Oasis of Tantric Bliss”!

Booking: Appointments are only available by booking in advance. Sometimes it is possible to book an appointment on the day, most of the time, I am already booked, as I only see ONE tantric client each day.

As a genuine tantric therapist:I do not provide pictures of me of my palatial apartment. If you require a picture/stats in order to make a booking, I am not the right provider for you! I am NOT an escort, and therfore I am NOT selling my body for money….Genuine tantra is ONE WAY – you receiving…

I require TWO hours to prepare for your session. 

Your appointment is tailored to your requirements and appointments are always discussed over the phone prior to booking a tantric session.

Ensuring your session is unique to you!

For your first appointment, I would recommend that you book as long as your timing and budget allows. My Tantric Services prices offer a whole range of options to suit all budgets, so please look through them all carefully to choose what’s right for you.  It is a bit like going to the gym and working out, the longer you work out, the more benefit your body experiences. The extra time is noticeably beneficial on your body and your organs and your general state of your wellbeing and mental alertness.

Minimum Appointment is 90 Minutes 

tantric-healingI take bookings for 2.5 – 3 hours, which include “The Bathing Ritual Ceremony” moving your session into an incredible space of full body orgasm within this powerful ritual. Creating an “Oasis of Sensual Tantric Bliss” You WILL feel the ripples of your own sexual energy during this ritual!

Please Note: You will need to allow at least an additional 30mins to 45 mins for your appointment. This is not charged! and is included in all my Tantric services prices.  This space is for you to shower following your session. I will also teach you the breathing ritual and eye gazing ritual, so that you maximise on your session’s outcomes. 

If you have time constraints, I will always work within your timing, to ensure you meet your other commitments I operate a NO RUSH service, as I care about your wellbeing…I do not offer a conveyor belt service, so everything is prepared for your “Unique Oasis of Tantric Bliss”

Tantric services prices:

Bronze Package – 90 mins Minimum Appointment

90 Mins “Oasis of Tantric Bliss”  Session Investment: £240

One Hour Kundalini Tantric Massage – 30 mins each side of your body – Includes Taoist lingam massage ritual

And 30 mins of authentic white tantric rituals – heart to heart connection, tantric breathing, eye gazing and ritual undressing ceremony

Moving your mind into a space of silence and reconnecting to your body, moving you from mind conciousness to heart conciousness, and reconnecting to your senses. 

This will be a surface level appointment and longer sessions offer more healing as they are deeper due to the intensity of the rituals and length of the massage.


Bronze Package – 2 hrs

2 Hour “Oasis of Tantric Bliss”  Session Investment: £320

90 Minute Kundalini Tantric Massage – 45 mins each side of your body – Includes Taoist lingam massage ritual

And 30 mins of authentic white tantric rituals – heart to heart connection, tantric breathing, eye gazing and ritual undressing ceremony

Moving your mind into a space of silence and reconnecting to your body, moving you from mind consciousness to heart consciousness, and reconnecting to your senses.

This session will also be a surface level appointment, in terms of the rituals


Longer sessions offer more therapeutic benefits for stress, both physically and emotional stress, as they are deeper due to the intensity of the rituals and the length of your massage. Make your appointment longer and achieve a fuller and deeper tantric experience, with profound effects on your state of wellbeing and my Tantric services prices reflect this. Deep sleep is a pleasant side-effect of your session.



Gold Packages – Your Premier Services

“For Your Oasis of Tantric Bliss” Recommendation is 2.5 – 3 hours

I would recommend, as long as your budget and timing allows:

As a guide, at least 90 min massage and an hour of rituals Giving you a deep therapeutic experience

The Bathing Ritual is so amazing, I never rush this ritual, and as such, I now only offer this ritual within the premier and platinum packages, due to the length of time required to complete this ritual for you to fully benefit from the totality of this amazingly powerful experience. Many of my clients experience huge therapeutic benefits following the bathing, prior to going into the massage.

Many of my clients don’t want it to end and express their sense of peacefulness and calmness of their mind whilst enjoying the experience…

It simply has to be experienced for you to be the next client that raves about it!


Gold Package – Premier Service – 2.5 hrs

2.5 Hour “Oasis of  Tantric Bliss” Session Investment: £380

90 Minute Kundalini Tantric Massage – 45 mins each side of your body – Includes Taoist lingam massage ritual

And one hour of rituals – heart to heart connection, tantric breathing, eye gazing and ritual undressing ceremony – including the amazing bathing ritual ceremony…

Moving your body into a deep space of transcendental relaxation and your mind into a deep space of silence and reconnecting to your body, moving you from mind consciousness to heart consciousness, and reconnecting to your senses.

This is a nice optimum session with a lovely length of rituals and massage  that will give you a much deeper therapeutic level experience


Gold Package – Full Premier Service – “Your Nirvana” – 3 Hrs

3 Hour “Oasis of Tantric Bliss” Session Investment: £440

TWO HOUR Kundalini Tantric Massage (one hour each side of your body) – Includes Taoist lingam massage ritual 

And one hour of rituals – heart to heart connection, tantric breathing, eye gazing and ritual undressing ceremony – including the amazing bathing ritual ceremony…

Moving your body into a deep space of transcendental relaxation and your mind into a deep space of silence and reconnecting to your body, moving you from mind consciousness to heart consciousness, and reconnecting to your senses.

At the end of your session, you will be amazed at how calm and peaceful you will feel, it really is an “oasis of bliss for you!”


Libido Problems – BluePrint 5 Step Program  

Obliterate Your PE / DE / ED / Impotency Problems

Premature Ejaculation (PE) Delayed Ejaculation (DE) Erection Problems (Erectile Dysfunction ED)
1. FREE Initial up to ONE HOUR Telephone Consultation Investment: FREE
2. FREE ONE HOUR Behavioural Telephone Consultation – Looking at the Behaviours behind your “busy mind” – liberating and transforming experience – deep sleep and relaxation guaranteed!
3. BluePrint Break-Through Face to Face Consultation Allow around 3 hours. FULLY CLOTHED  Investment: £400 
4. BluePrint Mentoring And Practices Session: FULLY Clothed – Allow 2 hours Learn the practices to move your mind to silence! With full rationale, and explanation so you get results whilst sitting in the chair!  Investment: £350 
5. BluePrint Physical Solution Therapy – full chakra balancing and kundalini experience. heavily facilitated session. Allow 4 Hours Investment: £500

I’ve helped hundreds of men to Obliterate their Libido Problems. Premature / Delayed Ejaculation / Erection Problems and other intimacy problems. Compete confidentiality and discretion is assured.

  • Either email me or call for more information about this programme and how I can help you with your specific problem
  • Schedule your FREE up to ONE HOUR Initial and Personalised Telephone Consultation, where you will discover, what makes your body and mind respond the way it does and the things that you do, that create your problems on a daily basis.
  • Book your FREE ONE HOUR Behavioural Telephone Consultation
  • Book you BluePrint Break-through Face to Face Consultation – allowing around 3 hours
  • You Will Discover during your Face to Face BluePrint Break-Through Consultation your specific and personal root causes , of each symptom that you experience, and what created your problems in the first place and feel a deep level of relaxation during your Break-through Consultation and a lightness and deep calming of your mind.
  • You WILL find out specifically, what you do on a daily basis that makes your libido problems happen
  • Book your Mentoring And Practice Session – learn the practices to move your mind to silence! Whilst sitting in the chair!
  • Book your BluePrint Physical Solution Program Specific to your problems – your bespoke program to obliterate your personal problems
  • Experience re-connecting back to your body, and experiencing the most amazing and pleasurable experience beyond your imagination
  • Allow 4 hours for your amazing experience – where your mind becomes silent, and still and your body becomes your pleasure zone
  • Complete with bespoke chakra balancing through my kundalini tantric massage and authentic tantric ritual session…
  • Review and feedback, at the end of your Physical BluePrint Solution Therapy Session
  • Follow up 30 minute personalised  consultation call – following your BluePrint Program Physical Session


Platinum Service – Deep Dive – Oasis of Tantric Bliss” – 4 Hrs

Session Investment: £620 for 4 Hrs Because you are worth it!

For those who find it hard to switch off the mind and are very analytical and who like to talk their way through things rather than experience and relax into a session – especially for those who have a full movie going on in their mind!

Four hours of total tantric bliss includes…

A whole body guided relaxation prior to your tantric rituals to ensure your mind and body are fully relaxed, calm and quiet before going into the rituals and massage. Also includes blindfolded tantric sensations.

Taste is the sense of the sexual chakra, with this blindfolded experience, your sense of taste, smell and hearing heighten. As this is the sensory for the sexual chakra, your tantric experience is deepened beyond anything you could imagine.

Ask for more details. Giving you maximum benefit from every moment of your session – profound levels of deep and transcendental relaxation and tantric bliss – guaranteed!

Following the guided relaxation and blindfolded taste sensations:

Moving your mind into a space of deep silence feeling just “melted” and reconnecting to your body, moving you from mind consciousness to heart consciousness, and reconnecting to your senses. 

A further hour of authentic white tantric rituals – heart to heart connection, tantric breathing, eye gazing and ritual undressing ceremony… And the amazing bathing ritual ceremony…

Plus a TWO HOUR Kundalini Tantric Massage – One hour each side of your body – Includes Taoist lingam massage ritual


Sessions For Couples:

Please Add £200 onto each package for couple sessions

Couple Sessions are bespoke packages and are tailored to your requirements.

In the first instance, it is best to call me to discuss what you are looking for and we can take it from there. I am happy to give direction on options that are available for newbies and experienced tantric couples.

The main elements that will be incorporated within your sessions are tantric breathing rituals, heart to heart connection, ritual undressing ceremony and the ritual bathing ceremony. As well as a chakra balancing, kundalini massage for both of you!

Your session WILL include a healing yoni massage for the lady and a Taoist Lingam Massage for the gentleman.

Your boundaries are totally respected. You will be facilitated and guided to achieve a greater level of intimacy and connection that will leave you both speechless…and will heighten your intimacy following your session ten-fold.

You will find during your session a powerful connection as you move through your session, that will change your sexual experiences whilst making love following your session, to a whole NEW level.

Once Kundalini energy is awakened, lovemaking will be a powerful full body experience, which will result in full body kundalini orgasms for you both!

For more information about my Authentic Couple Tantric Massage: 

Check Out This Link: http://www.tanya-eden.com/couple-tantric-massage

It is important to note that your session will NOT include sexual intercourse.

I am pleased to see both gentlemen and ladies for authentic Kundalini  tantric massage and ritual session



Contacting The Author: Tanya Eden

Your Confidentiality and discretion, is totally assured

Authentic Tantric Massage And Rituals, London

For Enquiries, More Information,

Email Tanya Eden at:  genuinemassage@hotmail.co.uk

Authentic Tantric Massage, London: Tantric Packages And Prices


OR Call Tanya, For More Information And To Arrange Your Session: 

Mob:+44(0) 7809 667 580

For My Personal Safety And Discretion:

Withheld Or Blocked Numbers – Will Be Ignored.







  1. ” I have recently come across another rather interesting term, “cc swipes”. This stands for “Credit Card Swipes” which means, “xtras” are available and are directly encouraged by the provider…”
    CC Swipes do not mean extras. what it is when the masseuse massages a man, specially when he on his tummy, she uses a swiping movement when going up or down the butt area resulting in teasing momentary touches to his testicles or prick. This heightens the excitement in anticipation of the hand relief or oral, which would follow. Also “yoni” is the ancient Sanskrit word for pussy, not tantra word; blow job and oral are the same.

    I have experienced tantric massage from institutions with excellent reputation (not talking about moral reputation, but about competency and skills) including Eva’s in South london, Carishma’s in Vauxhall. at the former, the etiquette is similar that of yours; at the latter, gentle touching / squeezing of the breasts and buttocks and feeling the body is allowed – not vagina. Both were excellent in the skills and expertise. What I am trying to say is this: yes, there are young women who dress their sexual services as tantra and there are tantra practitioners who are actually trained in the tantra principles and their lingham massage is of course superior to the HE or HR; nevertherless, both make men ejaculate; therefore just because a tantra practitioner is extending the “boundaries” to offer oral without condom or CIM (there are two whom I saw in London last month who are comparable to the ones I mentioned earlier), which make people like me more satisfied then it would be wrong to classify them with those who use tantra, without knowing anything about it in order to lure clients. At Leela’s there is a goddess, whose name I forgot, did a wonderful tantra on me for 180 glorious minutes but, on my second visit, as discussed during my first visit, we had sex including kissing and oral without for an extra 100. I know she is a qualified tantra goddess who is happy to have sex. Your opinion amounts to sham prudery – both you and the other tantrikas and also prostitutes are doing sexual service at varying levels. You are all wonderful. When I pay someone to touch my lingam and give me pleasure- for which I will always be grateful, then I am paying for sexual service. Covering in spirtuality wrapper does not really change that.
    I have heard you are a good goddess; you have your boundaries which I would respect; Please do not cast aspersion on qualified and pretty, sexy tantric goddesses who are happy to indulge in more enjoyable activities. Times are hard; they need to make money in the same way you need. In the end both of you are masturbating me slowly and in a way I have never experienced before; some give me the pleasure of fucking, licking and being anally fucked and pussy licked. Sean. seandohertysmail@yahoo.com

    • Dear Sean

      Many thanks for your comments – most interesting!

      I would not consider myself a prude at all.

      Please respect the way I choose to deliver my service as I respect your choices of what you are looking for in a service.
      I thank you for your feedback on “me being a good goddess” – good news travels!!

      My service will NEVER include sexual acts that you have described and I would not use the sexual terms that you have used within a tantric session.
      I would say that you only have to look at some of the testimonials to get a view of what others think about their experience within my sessions and afterwards.

      I thank you for your interest in my service, I clearly touched a raw nerve for you, to write such a lengthy piece of prose…
      All I ask is that if you seek to use my services, that you respect my boundaries, as I am very clear about what I offer as an authentic tantric practitioner and what I don’t.

      Osho, is a very different form of tantra, and it is called “Left Hand Path” Or Sexual Path tantra – and what you describe, I am sure would be on offer.
      Thank you for your openness and your perspective – most appreciated.

      I don’t believe that I would be the right provider for you, for all the reasons you outline, so perfectly.
      i am also pleased to hear that you are aware that there are other authentic practitioners, that work with the same ethics and code of conduct – there are a number of us around!


    • Hello!
      I am intrigued as to what made you chuckle?
      Was it Sean’s overt misunderstanding of my service?
      Or my diplomatic response to his comments?

      Delighted to hear that I have spread some cheer on this day for you!


  2. Let’s make no bones about it, tantra is just a very expensive massage and hand job. Chinese medical centres offer just as good a service with the right girl, at a third of the price. Tantra just means multiply!

    • Hi Andreas! Thank you for your feedback, which was most interesting to receive.
      You are entitled to your opinion as I am entitled to price my service as I do.

      If you believe that all I am doing is a “hand job” then you have totally missed the point of what genuine tantra is all about.
      The sex worker level is totally where you are looking at, they do talk about “hand jobs” and charge a premium for it. With no real
      substance behind.

      Genuine tantra works with the chakras – so my friend, FAR MORE THAN JUST A “HAND JOB!”
      With my session you will achieve a FULL KUNDALINI ORGASM, sometimes known as a full body “Orgasm”.
      Which sends the client into an amazing sense of calmness and peacefullness within themselves.

      Just check out the testimonials and reviews on my website to get a flavour of what is possible as an outcome and how
      it has affected and changed client’s lives for the better…so “MORE THAN JUST A HAND JOB”.

      My genuine and authentic tantric service, is life changing – well, if that is what you are looking for?
      But then you say, you would rather go to see the Chinese girls and get a “hand job” – so I guess you are not
      evolved enough to respect that so much more is possible, when you become aware and awake – beyond your genitals!

      Good luck with your Chinese girls and their hand jobs!!
      Whilst I continue to change lives and make a difference to how people are dealing with and managing stress.

  3. bonjour i found your blog today and I have read some good posts over here. I just wanna thanks you for posting sex date it so we all can learn about it!

  4. Tanya – The massage you gave me in May 2010 was without doubt the best massage I have ever received. The effects were felt for weeks later. Lack of funds is the only reason I have not returned.

    All the very best.


    • Hey Neil! Lovely to hear from you!
      I wondered why I had not heard from you…call me and we can arrange something for you that works.
      I remember you had an amazing session, and it would be lovely to reconnect with you again.
      Namaste Tanya

      • Hi Tanya

        I’ve only just noticed you replied to my post last November. I’m on holiday in USA at moment but will contact you when I return.

        Best wishes

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    • Thank you! The text was all from my own authoring, knowledge and experience…that makes it very easy for me to create.
      I must admit, I had not thought of selling advertising space on my blog. Please contact me on private message at
      genuinemassage@hotmail.co.uk and we can discuss. Namaste Tanya

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    • Hi, it most certainly is on your side!!
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      Namaste Tanya

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