Young Couple Seated Back To BackIntimacy And My Tantric Healing Journey Led To A Better Relationship

One of the main reasons I embarked on learning about tantra, was to find some answers and techniques for why my non-intimate marriage became that way and failed . A huge step for me to take! As I had reservations about exploring this route. And to my surprise, my tantric healing journey gave way to an inner confidence and I became less stressed and more relaxed as a person. My inner sexuality and intimacy became easier and less restrained.

Intimacy breaks down: “into me see” – intimacy begins and ends with you!  So even though you may find that you complain about your partner, YOU can change things and make YOUR relationship more intimate and less ‘routine’ and mechanical. If you feel that your relationship is distant, then there is part of you, that is distant in that relationship. This mirrors back to you. Your external world, reflects your ‘inner world’, so if you are not happy with what you see, and experience, you have the power to change it.

Success In Your Work – Can Cause Problems In Your Intimate Relationships!

Both men and women, who enjoy success within their work and occupation, can struggle with intimacy issues. Many believe that intimacy, is really about sex. And when the sex does not work anymore, or becomes a bit mechanical, then either or both partners just withdraw from each other. Driving a bigger wedge and divide, causing either one of you or both of you to immerse yourself into your work – where you are more in control and your results are great!

Masculine Energy And Mind Consciousness

One of the main reasons for this, is that in order to achieve great results within your business/work and occupation, it requires you to be in your mind consciousnessso you draw upon being more logical, focused, and using your analytical mind to think and work things out. Essentially, being in your masculine energy, whether you are a man or a woman, we both have masculine and feminine energy drivers. And we draw upon both energies, dependent on the situation we are in.

Masculine Energy Gives You Control, Logic And Laser-beam Focus

The masculine energy gives you tons of control, and allows you to have a greater focus. It does not work on ‘gut instinct’ or feelings. So if you are having great results in your working environment, and then come home, and find that your personal life is not so great, it is probably because you are still in your logical and thinking mind. It is very difficult to move out of this space, if you don’t even realise that you are in it!

Feminine Energy

Being in the feminine energy, and both men and women can be in this energy, you will be more connected to your feelings and emotions. Some men say, things like, ‘I am more in touch with my feminine energy today, as I am wearing my pink shirt/tie’. A man can still be very masculine and still be in touch with his feelings and emotions and have great intimacy within their relationships. And so for that matter, can the successful woman, connect back into her feelings. You just need a route map, and a way to find out how….

Mind Consciousness Can Cause Libido/Intimacy Challenges In Your Relationship

Mind consciousnesscan leave you feeling literally ‘cut off from your own body’ with no real sensations of pleasure. So then sex becomes what you think about, and a physical, mechanical interaction that can leave you feeling less than satisfied. Almost like a ‘physical release’ that makes you feel drained, which makes most men, turn over and fall asleep! This causes friction within many relationships. Your performance then becomes an issue, and this can lead to libido challenges and sexual dysfunction in both men and women. For more specific information on libido challenges, for men, check out this article at my website.

Calming stones in waterTantra – A way back to greater intimacy

Within an authentic  tantric session with me, you will find a way to re-connect back to your body, and your feelings and emotions. Very simple and yet incredibly effective. One of the keys of reconnecting back to your body and your feelings, sensations and emotions as well as the pleasure of your own body, is to firstly move out of your thinking and controlling mind. As this stops you from experiencing pleasure in the way nature intended!

There are a number of rituals within my authentic tantric sessions, which allow you, to slowly, slowly, move from your thinking and analytical mind into silence. Once your mind has reached that state, then your session reconnects you back to heart consciousness and your FIVE senses.

So you begin to ‘FEEL’ your body again! And once your body is in a state of pleasure, it just wants to stay there…so you will experience more expanded pleasure, intimacy and orgasm, throughout your whole body, where your body will learn to ride the wave of your own body’s pleasure. It sounds amazing and is possible for everyone, who allows themselves the experience of ‘going there’.

Tanya Eden, Authentic Tantric Massage And Rituals Your Body Is Your Natural ‘Pleasure Zone’

Your body is a pleasure zone, and is full of pleasure receptors. So during your tantric session, you then experience from another space inside of you. As the pleasure of your own body and your own intimacy, is inside of you. If you are not sure what that looks like, just take a look at a child, they are not thinking or analysing, they are just ‘being’ and in their emotions and feelings without thinking – there is far more pleasure! Watch them laugh, belly laugh, for almost no reason…when did you last do that?

A child can cry in pain, for 5 mins and in the next moment, they are running around and playing again, that is the length of time pain really lasts. Only the amount of time your think about it and at the point it happens! Have you been in a social gathering, like a dinner party, and just lost track of time, as you were having so much fun? And when you checked the time, it was much later than you thought? That is because you were not thinking your way through the experience, you were experiencing through your senses – which can become intoxicatingly pleasurable!

If you want to find out more, do check out testimonials at my website, as they will give you a greater understanding of how my authentic tantric sessions, can create greater intimacy within your relationships!

Also, for further information, on how I help couples, check out my article on becoming a better lover in the bedroom!


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