21 October 2011   Mark, London

This Was Mark’s Fourth Session And Tantric Experience With Tanya Eden…

As my session with you yielded such profound and wonderful results… the opening of the lotus flower, I decided I would try and encapsulate my feelings about the session, my tantric journey and my immense pleasure at having you as a guide and teacher …

Before I commence this testimonial I would like to point out that what I experienced during my session with Tanya was all to do with very personal and spiritual feelings and connections, and these don’t necessarily translate that easily into the written word. 



This was my fourth session with Tanya, my first three hour appointment, as previously I had gone for two and a half hour sessions. Was the extra half hour worth it? Most certainly it was.

This time I learned to control my breathing in order to ride the waves of bliss for my entire massage, well almost!

My whole body was tingling with electric charge staring from my base chakra and spreading upwards and outwards. Words fail me as to how to describe it. The closest I can get to is “sublime”.I felt wonderfully open and connected throughout the whole massage.

The key was focusing on the breathing.

This was also the first time I began to understand the undressing ritual. As each layer of clothing came off I allowed myself to become more open allowing Tanya to unlock and work with the kundalini energy within.

When I stood naked in front of her, while she was still clothed, it felt that I had given myself over for Tanya to be able to work with and heal my entire body.

As she finally undressed herself it was her showing that she was also open and a creation of mutual openness and trust was further created. The powerful music and mantras in the background beautifully accompanying and enhancing the ritual. The breathing and eye gazing were essential ingredients.

I had requested a longer time for eye gazing to further heighten the experience and the connection.

This brought a beautifully rewarding procession of visions, emotions and feelings. The final eye gazing ritual at the end of the massage was one of pure love, a truly beautiful end to the session. I am learning to love myself and share that energy with all that I connect with. I can live on this for weeks to come.

I told Tanya that before I started the sessions with her I considered myself to be in a state of depression, devoid of any real hope. Those thoughts have been completely banished as I am now on the journey to live away from my head and into my body and its feelings centred on the here and now.

I am a work in progress, I am on a tantric journey, a thrilling sensational journey. I am on the right path, a truly spiritual path.

Tanya you have worked wonders to transform me. I am truly thankful for all the energy you have put into me, and as I write and re-read my words the kundalini energy is vibrating throughout my body. Each tingle a connection to the love that I feel around me.

Thank you.   Namaste, Mark”                                                          

Mark, Teacher, London


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