10 December, 2011   Mark, London

“This was my fifth and most profound session I have yet to have with Tanya.”

The session started with a wonderful conversation that set me at ease, so much that I kept yawning and felt really open and ready for Tanya’s magic to begin. She reassured me that yawning was a good sign, an indication that the body was letting go of the mind.

Tanya helped start the session with a breathing practice which is so simple yet so important in getting the most out of the session and helping with achieving kundalini rising.

The eye gazing is marvellous and I asked if we could spend longer doing this which Tanya kindly indulged me with. It sounds strange but I got completely lost in the faces I saw which were people I somehow knew but weren’t people I actually knew at all!

The ritual undressing really helped me feel closer to Tanya in the session and enabled me to reconnect with her and create a mutual feeling of perfect trust. It felt so right to stand in front of her naked, saying here I am totally naked, open and ready for the session. I completely trust you.

The bathing ceremony was relaxing and sent me into a chilled state perfect for the massage itself.

The massage, well what can I say about that? After such softening up and put into a complete state of relaxation I was ready for the massage and for the energy to pass through my chakras. With each touch my body tingled and vibrated it was so intense, yet so perfectly wonderful at the same time. This may sound surreal but I felt so in love with myself during the massage. I visualised that I was being completely honoured and respected, each part of my body responded to each caress. I felt I connected with every living thing, the plants in the room even, and the universe itself. It was a deeply moving and profound experience. I felt bright light shooting out the top of my head during the most intense parts of the massage. Truly beautiful.

The result was indeed a wonderful state of bliss at the end of my session. I felt so in tune with myself and Tanya that each of our breaths were in true synchronised harmony. Our breaths and energy being shared and working as one.

I would not only truly recommend one session with Tanya, but keep going back and you will find yourself far more at peace with yourself, family, friends, the universe, I could go on. It is an experience that you owe to yourself. Tanya Eden truly works wonders with Kundalini energy and the chakras.

Tanya helped me find something that I didn’t really notice I’d lost! Find out for yourself.

Thank you Tanya, I hope to book a session with you again in the very near future.

Namaste  Mark x                                                                    

Mark, Teacher, London


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