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Are You Suffering With Stress?

Are You Feeling Stressed Out At Work?

Are you finding it hard to sleep at night? Hard to relax?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and find it hard to get back off to sleep?

Is your body full of physical aches and pains?

S tiff neck, achy back?

Suffering from Jet lag?

Is your mind full of thoughts that you just cannot switch off, no matter how hard you try?

Head Aches? Migraine? Can’t Relax?


Authentic Tantra Will Eliminate Your Stress

Your authentic tantric session will eliminate all these problems within your session!

Imagine what it would be like, if you mind was silent? Blissful!!!

This is your pure state of relaxation…
Only achieved within an authentic tantric session with a genuine practitioner.

Genuine and authentic tantra will give you deep and profound levels of relaxation…The regular comment I get is…


Your Normally Stressful And ‘Busy Mind’, Will Go Silent!

“How did you make my mind go silent?” “I have never experienced that before…”

My authentic tantric massage and ritual session will give you
The most amazing and therapeutic experience…

Your whole body will achieve relaxation and still Your Mind…Great for jet lag!

Genuine and authentic tantra will eradicate the stress you walked in with!
As the chakra energy points become balanced, Your physical aches and pains are obliterated .. Oh and a lovely welcome side effect of genuine tantra is that you achieve a deep and restful sleep for days or even weeks.


What Happens In An Authentic Tantric Session?

Your whole body is massaged from head to toe with warmed organic grapeseed oil, of the highest quality, which has amazing therapeutic benefits for your skin and wellbeing. Authentic Tantra is all about surrendering and receiving, without any requirements to give back or perform…in that place genuine therapeutic benefits can be experienced.


Your Normal Intimacy Relies On You Being Able To ‘Perform’

In your normal intimacy, it relies on your performance and expectation to “deliver/perform” for your partner, this creates a whole set of pressures for modern day men and women. Who are generally too tired, or stressed to be “in touch” with their feelings and emotions to deliver an explosive experience in bed. So as a result, sex is often hurried, or lacks lustre or the big expectations that you might have had in the early days of your relationship.

In a genuine tantric experience, these performance issues are simply, not there – as there is no performance or expectation – just pleasure and receiving. I have had grown men moan and groan on the massage table, in pleasure, and I am only massaging their back!

Expanded Pleasure Verses Performance And Goals – Lingam Massage

During a genuine and authentic tantric massage, your whole body massage includes an amazing taoist lingam massage, for men, or a healing Yoni massage for women, which is simply, a massage of the entire genital area. This is done from a place of healing, and honouring rather than from a place of “hand relief” or sexual experience! Genuine tantra cannot promise “happy endings” as in genuine tantra, your body seeks pleasure and when you are in pleasure  your body will not wish this pleasure to stop – so your body will NOT ejaculate! Interesting don’t you think? If your body has experienced enough pleasure, then, it will ejaculate – a pleasant side effect, although not the goal – and very much respected if it happens within your session.

When you ejaculate, you are spent, finished, depleted of energy…A lot of men, roll over and actually fall asleep, they are so exhausted, in your normal intimacy.

When experiencing genuine tantra, you feel energised, and at the same time relaxed. This does not stop the pleasure of your body, it is more heightened, as your body is in a different state of relaxation – so the pleasure becomes heightened.

Ritual Bathing – Transcendental Relaxation

When a ritual bathing is incorporated within a genuine tantric session – this creates deeper levels of relaxation, beyond your imagination, unless experienced. It takes your session into a transcendental state of relaxation – where your mind goes silent and your body becomes weightless, your session becomes more therapeutic in benefits – most of my clients fall asleep, they are so relaxed!

Call to, find out more, discuss and arrange your booking! Your call also acts as a short consultation for what you wish to resolve during your session.

Tanya Eden, provides a professional tantric experience that WILL BLOW YOUR MIND…

And your stress into oblivion! A promise of relaxation is totally guaranteed!

Plus a silent mind…Headaches And Migraines – Banished During Your genuine and authentic tantric Session!

Genuine tantra WILL Balance Your CHAKRA ENERGY Points which will lead to what is known as an amazing state of “Tantric Bliss”

Testimonial: Received Following 2.5 Hour Client Session

“I met Tanya for my first session today and have had an experience beyond expectations, no testimonial or description can quite sum up the opportunity.
For me it was about learning and experiencing something I know little about, and after one session I feel more awakened and the bodies emegery is something that I would like to continue to explore.

My massage and breathing techniques that were taught sent me into a deap calm state which has left me feeling very positive.

Tanya is lovely and educated and an excellent guide, full recommendation.” Mark, London


I look forward to Arranging Your Unique “Oasis Of Tantric Bliss”


Tanya Eden
Certified Practitioner and Trainer
Authentic White Tantra Specialist and Chakra Energy Healer
Kundalini Massage Expert



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