17 March 2012, Byron

This Was Byron’s First 3 Hour Tantric Experience With Tanya Eden…and has since been back!

“My first time with Tanya turned out to be 3 hours of sublime pleasure culminating in an extraordinary experience where I simultaneously felt amazing waves of pleasure and energy firing through my body.

This was a totally new experience that I had never previously felt when visiting other Tantra therapists in the UK and abroad.

It’s very difficult to describe but on reflection I think that it may be like the amazing sensations that people sometimes report when they come into contact with a faith healer.

This seems appropriate as I believe Tanya has a special gift. I think some of the success of the session is due to the fact that Tanya went to great lengths to describe the it beforehand.

A long phone conversation and detailed e-mail explained what would happen during our time together. So before the session started I understood the sequence of events.

It was clear it would be a very sensual experience but Tanya was also very specific about her boundaries and the type of activities that the session would not include.

This meant that as the session unfolded I was able to get the maximum benefit from the rituals and massage as I had no uncertainties about what was going to happen that could have been distracting and reduce the benefit and enjoyment. From start to finish I found it a remarkable experience with a very sensuous lady who guided and encouraged me throughout in a wonderfully relaxed yet intimate way.

It was a true privilege to experience and I am determined to make a further visit very soon.”

Byron, Business Consultant UK


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