27 July 2011   Teacher, East London.

This Was Mark’s First 2.5 Hour Tantric Experience With Tanya Eden…

It has been into the just over 24 hours since I have had a tantric massage with Tania and I haven’t spent a moment since thinking about anything else. Selfishly I would like to keep Tania to myself but since the session I’m aware of the huge impact she can have on how you experience your life. Therefore I know it is only right and fitting that I share and convey my feelings of my session with her to you!

I went into the session with a healthy amount of scepticism but left Tania feeling very close and connected to everything, I felt something inside me that I hadn’t felt for years, if at all! I’m not sure I am making too much sense however my time with Tania turned a grumpy and cynical man into someone who could see the possibilities about who and how you are and think have a huge impact on outcomes and the responses you get from those around you, whatever the circumstance.

If you are feeling a little jaded and in need of a catalyse or facilitator to show you that there is a different path to take, other possibilities then I would strongly recommend you to book a visit with Tania. I know I need to find out more and will certainly be booking a session at the earliest opportunity. Just thinking about it makes me tingle!

The great thing about the session is that she is able to put you at ease straight away and invests a lot of time getting to know you and prepare you for what you are about to experience. I also experienced all the rituals as part of the session which gave a valuable resonance to the whole session. The breathing, the eye to eye contact, hands on hearts and bathing helped complete the experience, a sincere awakening!

The massage itself was a sublime experience and I felt more contented and at peace with myself, something that I had previously give up hope of feeling again. Tania is a teacher and facilitator in union to help you achieve the maximum from the session.

Just remember to breath and be open and it will be an experience that could change your life for good.

Thank you Tania, you made me feel extremely special”                                           

Mark, Teacher, East London


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