31 August  2011   Teacher, East London

This Was Mark’s Third Session And Tantric Experience With Tanya Eden…

Wonderful speaking to you and catching up with you today. You’re really keeping busy and so I particularly appreciated you taking time to speak to me on the phone. It’s been quite a tough start to the term, we’ve all hit the ground running! So although I’m far better equipped to connect and have the tools to use, speaking to you was a real tonic, an injection of connection! I don’t know!

Well as promised! As you’ve invested in getting me connected, testimonial volume 3 is the least I could do in return.

Different to the first 2, a lot calmer in tone I think, but far more! I trust you can grab hold of what I’m feeling!

This is my third session with Tanya and I am far clearer in my connections with, myself, my family, those around me, the universe! Each visit intensifies this feeling.

Since working with Tanya I am empowered! If I initially get things wrong, I sit back and and work out how I could have dealt with the situation better! I then put it into practice! I hear the words of encouragement (moment of epiphany!) that the work that Tanya has done for me, and I feel the vibrations. I connect again, excited and encouraged to face the world with a positive and happy approach to whatever I encounter. I cannot praise Tanya enough for helping me believe and trust in myself. To love myself, which is important!

My sessions with Tanya have made me realise that I wish to continue my immersion. I am now attending yoga classes to help with my breathing and body posture. My default setting over the last few years was to be negative and blame others, think the worst of situations! The default setting has ‘had its day’!

I said at the start of this testimony that each session brings a deeper understanding of myself and my connections. Tanya has encouraged me to find out more and I want to continue with my study of Tantra and Kundalini. She has awoken a hornets nest, and it won’t go back to sleep!

I look forward to my next meeting with Tanya, I know it will continue to get deeper! I will discover more about myself and connecting with those around me, my loved ones and beyond. Namaste”                                                       

Mark, Teacher, East London


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