18 August  2011   Teacher, East London

This was Mark’s second session and tantric experience with Tanya Eden…

I was hugely excited before my second session with Tanya and she spent a couple of telephone calls preparing me for the session and cautioning me not to have expectations of how it might go! “No two massages are ever the same,” I was reminded. I was also told that I should be prepared for a much deeper session, and ladies and gentlemen that is exactly what I got.

Tanya suggested I watch a couple of videos on her website, “Tantra and Love” and “Namaste,” both of which I watched several times when I couldn’t sleep the evening before my second session. These films provided excellent preparation for the session. For the first time it really dawned on me that you must truly love yourself before you can begin to love anyone else. Something that seems so obvious was made true for me as a result of the work I have done with Tanya.

The massage itself helped me have my first real kundalini rising experience. This is something I cannot truly explain as it was an overwhelming sensation. I recall making sounds and movements of my body, but it was all too brief. I feel that Tanya has guided me to this place where I can simply let go, trust her and work hard on my breathing to get the most from my sessions. All of the feelings that result in each session can be transferred to all other aspects of your life.

My favorite part of the session this time, and perhaps during the first time also, was not the massage itself but the eye gazing contact work Tanya did with me both before and after the massage. I definitely saw her third eye and felt the divine inside her. It sounds crazy but it is the only way I can describe it!

Thank you Tanya, I am growing to fall back in love with myself. I couldn’t go on being grumpy and cynical for the rest of my life. Both me, and those around me are worth far more than that. You have helped me to feel again.”  

Mark, Teacher, East London


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