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Tantric Health Benefits 

Authentic Kundalini Tantric Massage (Fbsm) And Ritual Sessions

A one-to-one treatment, the aim is to build your sexual energy. The stronger the energy and the higher the vibration level of your body…This is when your organs get cleansed and balanced, creating a whole body experience, Commonly known as a full body KUNDALINI ORGASM

All the pleasure chemicals and endorphines released Are those that cure physical aches and pains Within the body, the best self healing known to mankind.

One area that my genuine kundalini tantric massage gives a lot of attention to… Is the balancing of your  Seven Physical Chakras which have a major influence on your well-being.When your chakras are balanced, aligned and vibrant then not only can your health be restored to a balanced state, but your sexual energy will begin to flow naturally. Full body kundalini ORGASM experience is a wonderful outcome for ALL MY CLIENTS –

Where amazing states of peak relaxation and what is known as “tantric bliss” can be achieved for everyone! Most tantric providers are NOT working with Kundalini Tantric energy and CANNOT offer you this experience…

To find out more about Kundalini energy and how it is related to tantra, check out this video, right here…

Alignment of your seven major chakra energy points in your body are balanced during your session…Your physical aches and pains and emotional stress are totally eradicated into oblivion!

Treat Yourself To Authentic Sensual Kundalini Tantric Bliss…

Authentic Kundalini Tantric Full body Sensual Massage (FBSM) Is, literally a full-body all over experience,
Full body sensuous massage will leave you feeling: AROUSED, RELAXED AND BLISSFUL!  Aches, Pains, Stress Completely OBLITERATED!

Your Session, With Tanya, Is deeply relaxing and highly pleasurable and Sensual, as I Am Working With Your Sexual Energy, Your Session Is Not Sexual… 

Candles, soft relaxing tantric music, warmed, non-perfumed organic grapeseed oil, of the highest quality and an all over body experience. Your massage includes all parts of your body, including your buttocks (external) and genital areas, Known in tantra as, Lingam Massage Ritual For Men and Healing Yoni Massage Ritual – For Women

Your boundaries are totally respected, prior to your session being confirmed – we discuss the specifics of your session during a phone call.

Your Fully Naturist massage is performed on an extra wide professional massage couch in tranquil surroundings – Both You And Your Tantrika Are Naked! 

Against a back-ground of authentic tantric healing music and healing mantras that create the perfect backdrop to your experience. For fuller benefits of the tantric experience I combine authentic white tantric rituals with a Kundalini Tantric Massage which gives you a deeper and more explosive experience.

  • Breathing Rituals
  • Eye Gazing
  • Undressing Ritual Ceremony
  • And An Amazing Bathing Ritual Ceremony
  • Infused With Aromatherapy Oils

Plus An Incredible Taoist Lingam Massage For Men and Healing Yoni Massage Ritual – For Women

With Proven Results For:

  • Stress
  • Pains
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Relationship And Intimacy Challenges
  • Sex Education And Techniques…

To Transform Your Life, Relationships And Work!
As a Tantric practitioner I help people with: Intimacy and relationship issues and challenges. I have practiced Tantra for six years, working with Kundalini energy since 2005, when my own kundalini energy awakened.

I look forward to your call and arranging Your Unique “Oasis Of Tantric Bliss”


Tanya Eden
Certified Practitioner and Trainer
Authentic White Tantra Specialist and Chakra Energy Healer
Kundalini Massage Expert




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