Libido Challenges? Erectile Dysfunction? Face to Face Consultation

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Face to Face Consultation With Clothed Tantric Practices

Are you suffering with libido challenges, such as: Pre-Mature/delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or sexual dysfunction such as floppy penis syndrome?

I receive many calls from men who are just not comfortable to do a consultation over the phone.  Somehow, it feels difficult, talking to someone about some of your most private challenges…that are causing you so much upset at home, and within your relationship.


And frequently, I am asked, “can I come to see you, in person, for my consultation?”
Up until now, I have not offered this as a service. I totally appreciate it is very difficult to go straight into making a booking for a three hour physical session with someone you have met for the first time, and respect that this is not an easy thing for many to do.

 Face To Face Consultation

So, I am now offering physical face to face consultations, rather than over the phone, because you asked for it! During these consultations, you will be given understanding and awareness as to how you are probably creating your challenges on a daily basis. So that you can change this behaviour – and why, you body is responding in this way.

And I will also identify, specifically, what is actually not working for you – as your libido challenges are a symptom of something else, that is not being dealt with.

Reasons For Your Libido Challenges

The reasons for your libido challenges and erectile dysfunction, are varied, and personal to each individual. I will, during your consultation, uncover your root causations. Through a non invasive healing process, where you remain fully clothed. You will feel a sense of relaxation and liberation. When you understand what is making these symptoms occur.

Tantric Mentoring And Practice – Guilt Free!

I will teach you some simple, and yet very effective tantric practices, to create more calm in your life. And move your ‘normally busy mind’, into a space of silence. This will be very liberating for you, and will give you inner peace. I am a behaviourist, as well as a tantric healer. And I have been balancing chakras for well over a decade! So you are in very safe hands.

During your session, your chakras will be balanced, and you WILL feel different, more relaxed! All guilt free, and you will remain fully clothed…this will be 90 min Breakthrough Session. Your investment will be £200 for this session and there will be no massage included! Call me, in confidence, to find out more!


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