Authentic Couple Tantric Massage And Rituals

Couple tantric massage, will give you more pleasure, in your bedroom!

Re-igniting your passion within your intimate relationship.

As a couple, you can often get caught up with the daily grind of ‘normal’ family life and work commitments. Making it hard for you, as a couple, to find that special time.  Authentic couple tantric massage and rituals will help you gYoung Couple Seated Back To Backet that ‘spark’ back into your lives! And put the va va va voom back into your bedroom.

Boredom In The Bedroom?

‘Quickie Sex’ Becoming Your ‘Norm’?

Maybe, as a couple, you are so busy, with the ‘other’ stuff, that when you finally get to bed, with your partner, you are exhausted. And end up with a lack lustre, intimate relationship? Or maybe, only seem to find the time and energy for a ‘quickie’. Which leaves you both, less than satisfied. Before long, boredom sets in, and going to bed, becomes a time to sleep. Rather than filled with that excitement, you once shared. Sound familiar? Perhaps you have a big tramline in the middle of your bed and want to get rid of it?


Getting More Intimate – With Authentic Couple Tantric Massage

Or maybe, you just want time out, with each other? Perhaps you want to find that space of intimacy, you once shared, as a couple?  Maybe something is missing? Being in a deeper and more intimate relationship, is something that you secretly crave?

As an Authentic Tantric Practitioner and healer, I help couples with Intimacy and relationship problems. And facilitate a greater and more profound and intimate connection between you both, during your couple tantric session. Which translates into powerful results afterwards. Putting your spark, back into your bedroom! And you lovemaking!


 Couple Tantric Massage – Putting Your Spark, Back Into Your Bedroom!

Couple Tantric Massage Sessions are bespoke packages and are tailored to your requirements. In the first instance, it is best to call me to discuss what you are looking for and we can take it from there. I am happy to give direction on options that are available for newbies and experienced tantric couples.

Your boundaries are totally respected. You will be facilitated and guided to achieve a greater level of intimacy and connection that will leave you both speechless…and will heighten your intimacy following your session ten-fold.

Full Body Kundalini Orgasms – Deepen Your Intimate Experiences

You will find, during your authentic couple tantric massage session, a powerful connection as you move through your session. This will deepen your intimacy and your sexual experiences, in the bedroom, following your session. Making love, will be a whole new and more intimate experience!

Once Kundalini energy is awakened, sex in the bedroom, will become, lovemaking at a whole new level! As a couple, you will experience, full body kundalini orgasms, following your session.

What Is An Authentic Couple Tantric Massage Session?

Your couple tantric massage session, is set against a back-ground of authentic tantric healing music and healing mantras. That create the perfect backdrop for your couple tantric massage and ritual experience. For fuller benefits of your genine couple tantric experience, I combine authentic white tantric rituals, with a powerful Kundalini Tantric Massage, which gives you both a deeper intimate and more explosive experience.



Authentic And Healing White Tantric Rituals

4-Handed Kundalini Tantric Massage

During your couple tantric massage session, you will be guided and facilitated.

And you will experience together, a deeper and more intimate connection. 

Deeper than you ever thought possible. Through amazing and authentic white tantric rituals:

  • Heart To Heart Connection
  • ‘Tantric Hug’
  • Breathing Rituals
  • Eye Gazing
  • Ritual Undressing Ceremony

Your authentic couple tantric massage will be an incredible 4-hand massage, where I will be working with each of you, to massage your partner. You will both be guided on “how to” give your partner total body worship and an honoring massage. Plus, an incredible Taoist Lingam Massage for the man and a powerful healing Yoni massage for the woman.


Your boundaries are totally respected

Your couple tantric massage and ritual session elements, are agreed, prior to your session. And form part of the discussion during your call, in order to make your booking.


If you would prefer to remain fully clothed during your session, please let me know, as there are many tantric practices that can increase your intimacy, without having to take your clothes off!

I look forward to hearing from you, and facilitating you both to create more intimacy for you, in your bedroom!


Tanya Eden
Certified Practitioner and Trainer
Authentic White Tantra Specialist and Chakra Energy Healer
Kundalini Massage Expert

It is important to note that your couple tantric massage and ritual session will NOT include sexual intercourse, or penetration, either with each other, or with your tantrika. Please be respectful of this aspect, when you make your enquiry. I am NOT an escort!


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