Feeling Stressed Out? Want to Keep Your Clothes On?

I have had many calls and enquiries, from both men and women, and even couples, who are highly stressed and looking for the ultimate relaxation and calm within their lives…who just do not feel that booking a full body massage and being fully nude is a “thing” that they can do! You probably feel a bit self conscious, about your body. Maybe you feel that you are ‘cheating’ on your partner or spouse, if you have a fully nude massage with another woman? Maybe you just feel, that it is a stretch too far, for you to ‘go there’. And I so get that, as it took me a long time to feel comfortable with even going to study tantra, let alone work publicly.

Relationship Stress? Work-Related Stress?

The pain and stress and suffering that I endured during my non intimate and almost non physical relationship, which finally ended in the ultimate betrayal, and divorce, led me, onto a journey, to ‘heal’ that part of me, that had become so vulnerable. Having had a very successful corporate career, took its toll on my marriage and my personal life, that left me desolate, and looking for a way out of the cycle of misery I found myself enduring. I only seemed happy when I was working, as that was where my results excelled. I just could not understand why things were not as good at home. How could that be? Does this sound familiar to you?

You Don’t Have To Take Your Clothes Off – To Experience Tantra!


There are many, many tantric practices that you can do, that do not involve you taking your clothes off! And I am delighted to say, that I am well versed in a plethora of practices that can help you with achieving deep levels of relaxation and find that place, of calm and inner bliss. Where, as Tony Robbins, would say: “Feeling good, for no good reason!”

Tantra is a path, a journey of practice, which moves you into a state of calm and inner peace, that is welcomed by those that suffer the every day grind of the pressures of work and family life place upon us.


Authentic Tantric Practices

Guilt Free Relaxation – To Resolve Your Stress!

Authentic Tantra is about moving from your ‘normal’ reactive self in your external world, and finding a space of inner calm and peace, where there is no reaction…I know that sounds hard to believe, to the newbie of tantra, and the ones who suffer with high levels of stress. And it is possible!

There are some amazing practices in tantra, that create a powerful change for the better. Some, so simple, you would be amazed!

Breathe Life Into Your Body…And Reduce Your Stress

One of the fundamentals of tantra, is the breath. When you are stressed, upset anxious or angry, your breathing becomes more shallow, and you literally cut yourself off from your own body and your sensory experiences. This moves you into more thinking and analysing and more of what I call the ‘mind movie’. Where you go over and over and over and over events and happenings in your mind, and then get worked up into a state of stress, anger or upset. I am sure you have been there, I have, many times…

What about, if you could learn, how to literally stop this from happening? Would that be good for you? The first thing in tantra is to move you into a state of awareness of yourself and how you are ‘being’ with yourself.

Less ‘Advertised’ Side Of Authentic Tantra

I feel honoured to say that I live in practice, and it makes my world a much easier place to be. I work with masters and trainers who support me, within my journey and my quest for answers and a better way of living and being. And it is my purpose to help others and teach others the secrets of the less ‘advertised’ side of tantra.

You can benefit from deep levels of relaxation and calm, without having to take your clothes off, and experiencing a massage. There are many ways you can experience that deep calm state, without the feelings of guilt or worry…allow me to be your guide. Sessions are tailored to your needs, and are bespoke. Call me, in confidence, to find out more and arrange a session that is unique to you and the things you wish to resolve.


Tanya Eden
Certified Practitioner and Trainer
Authentic White Tantra Specialist and Chakra Energy Healer
Kundalini Massage Expert



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