Client Review And Testimonial of Tantric Session, June 2011: An American Writer

“Blessings to Tanya.

Usually when I’m looking for something I either don’t find it or it takes a very long time to find it. I found my wife by not looking for her, but it took me a long time. I prefer to find people and things I need by chance,  that way if I do indeed find them then I know that they are right and that I did need them. I had been looking for a Tantrika like Tanya for a very long time and I’m beyond joy that I didn’t give up my search.

As with my other experiences, I expected Tanya to whisper in my ear something about “special service” about halfway through my session with her, but from beginning to end Tanya proved that she is a real Tantrika. She moved through my session exactly as it is portrayed on her website and every part of my session was done with absolute respect for my well being.

I have had a few Kundalini risings during my life, but none was ever induced or facilitated by another person; they came about with through great mental strain or through meditation. I must say that I’m 100 percent satisfied that Tanya’s work is authentic, there is no doubt. Because I had had other Kundalini experiences, my body was open and willing to accept the release and joy of Kundalini. Everyone’s experience will vary depending on their state of openness, but whether you’re looking for more balance in your life or total union with the Cosmos, Tanya can facilitate your deepest desires – it is only up to you.

Working with Kundalini energy is not child’s play and Tanya deeply prepares for each one of her sessions. At first I thought, how much am I paying for this?Two-weeks on I’m still noticing the effects of her work: my chronic Sciatica pain, though still healing, has all but completely disappeared; I’m calmer and I even walk with more confidence as the Kundalini works in my spine; When negativity arises I’m able to immediately clear my mind and connect with the Kundalini energy as instructed by Tanya.

If you are looking for a sexual experience get a prostitute; but if you are looking for a path to wellness and balance in your life, then book a session with Tanya.”

American Writer


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