5 Step BluePrint Program to Obliterate Your Libido Problems

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Obliterate Your PE DE ED Impotency Problems

Premature Ejaculation (PE) Delayed Ejaculation (DE) Erection Problems (Erectile Dysfunction ED)

1. FREE Initial up to ONE HOUR Telephone Consultation Investment: FREE

2. FREE ONE HOUR Behavioural Telephone Consultation – Looking at the Behaviours behind your “busy mind” – liberating and transforming experience – deep sleep and relaxation guaranteed!

3. BluePrint Break-Through Face to Face Consultation Allow around 3 hours. Whole of life Break-through FULLY CLOTHED  Investment: £400 

4. BluePrint Mentoring And Practices Session: FULLY Clothed –Allow 2 hours Learn the practices to move your mind to silence! With full rationale, and explanation so you get results whilst sitting in the chair!  Investment: £350 

5. BluePrint Physical Solution Therapy – full chakra balancing and kundalini experience. heavily facilitated session. Allow 4 Hours Investment: £500

I’ve helped hundreds of men to Obliterate their Libido Problems. Premature / Delayed Ejaculation / Erection Problems and other intimacy problems. Compete confidentiality and discretion is assured.

Libido Problems?

5 Step BluePrint Program

  • Either email me or call for more information about this programme and how I can help you with your specific problem

  • Schedule your FREE up to ONE HOUR Initial and Personalised Telephone Consultation, where you will discover, what makes your body and mind respond the way it does and the things that you do, that create your problems on a daily basis.

  • Book your FREE ONE HOUR Behavioural Telephone Consultation – how your “Busy Mind” creates your everyday stress in life – and TRANSFORM your responses during this amazing and FREE Telephone Consultation

  • Book you BluePrint Break-through Face to Face Consultation – allowing around 3 hours

  • You Will Discover during your Face to Face BluePrint Break-Through Consultation your specific and personal root causes , of each symptom that you experience, and what created your problems in the first place and feel a deep level of relaxation during your Break-through Consultation and a lightness and deep calming of your mind.
  • You WILL find out specifically, what you do on a daily basis that makes your libido problems happen

  • Book your Mentoring And Practice Session – learn the practices to move your mind to silence! Whilst sitting in the chair!

  • Book your BluePrint Physical Solution Program Specific to your problems – your bespoke program to obliterate your personal problems
  • Experience re-connecting back to your body, and experiencing the most amazing and pleasurable experience beyond your imagination
  • Allow 4 hours for your amazing experience – where your mind becomes silent, and still and your body becomes your pleasure zone
  • Complete with bespoke chakra balancing through my kundalini tantric massage and authentic tantric ritual session…
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